MakerDAO new milestone: more than $1 billion in total assets value locked.

By alberdioni8406 | S.O.S | 27 Jul 2020

The decentralized finances (DeFi) have taken the world by storm, with many protocols reaching milestones never achieved before, taken even the main asset of the Ethereum network (ETH) to reach new all time high (ATH) in 2020, in $321 and climbing per unit, and this is just on the start, as it may explode once ETHEREUM 2.0 get official released.

Right now, let's dig into the stats on the MakerDAO with reached a big milestone, it have a $1 billion in total funds from customers locked in the smart contract protocol for lending purposes. The non-custodial DeFi protocol reach the first position locking $1 Billion in customers assets, with increase and give a complete new lending power for anyone who want to borrow decentralized assets putting some crypto as collateral.

This is the future of lending, the DeFi smart contract protocols are efficient, with no middleman intervention all done automated, but with a few steps to learn before adopting them or with no knowledge can have a placed collateral position get liquidated.

MakerDAO with that milestone dominates the market on DeFi with a spectacular 28% share revealed by the tracker DeFi PulseCompound and Synthetix are on the next positions with $764 and 423 million in total value from customers locked up.

The top 10 protocols with more funds assets locked by customers are completed with Aave, Balancer and Curv Finance.

On overall there is more than $3,6 billion locked in this smart contract protocols for lending purposes, which is a significant amount to serve anyone who want to borrow money using collateral digital assets.

Lending on revolution with DeFi!

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