Ledger wallet company exploited and Data customers compromised.

Ledger wallet company exploited and Data customers compromised.

The Hardware cryptographic wallet company Ledger customers suffered an hack attack, where e-commerce and marketing database was compromised exposing clients privileged information for about 1 million e-mail addresses.

The whole hack incident was happened in June 2020, and the firm detailed on their blog post on Wednesday what the attackers could reach with the breach. The criminals were able to access customers contact and order information, but  also note that no cryptocurrency funds and payment info were exposed.

The vulnerability were reported thankful to a bug hunt researcher who discovered it and alerted on a potential harm to the firm database on July 14, the security team managed to block more harm to their customers privacy violation and all customers affected by the incident notified by the company via e-mail.


The ongoing internal investigation realized by the research team discovered that the breach exploited was accessed back in June 25 when someone got access to e-commerce and marketing database from customers using an API Key which the company already deactivated, but they had time to steal more than 1 million e-mail addresses  from Ledger customers.

The company have taken step to prevent more breach to happen on future, alerted the France Data protection authority and partnered with a security firm to future identify potential hacking.

Customers were notified by the team and emphasized that "no crypto funds were compromised", the hackers got those email address database from clients, and that info will be surely sold on " dark web" in exchange of some coins.

Criminals are always looking to steal and cause more harm to their victims, with the hack activity some manage to steal money, mostly, and some data which could be sold in the "dark net". Ledger with the data breach will be implementing more security strengthen in the coming days.

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