Iran's President proposed a creation of Cryptocurrency as alternative to the US Dollar.

Iran's President proposed a creation of Cryptocurrency as alternative to the US Dollar.

Hassan Rouhani The President of Iran proposed a creation of a Cryptocurrency to be an alternative to the US Dollar that will be used in Trade among the Muslims Nations.


The Proposal was made in the Summit in Malaysia,where also participated Leaders from Qatar,Turkey and the host country Malaysia.

From Rouhani The Muslims Nations must find a way to avoid the US dollar domination and the The Financial regime imposed by American Government.

Iran is a Country that since 1979 is suffering several sanctions imposed by USA in various dominoes of their economy 

The creation of a cryptocurrency among the Muslims Nations could help to have a strong business environment between the Involved Countries and the use of the US dollar will be limited in those Transactions.


It's not new that Countries are studying ways to find alternatives to the dollar domination where Russia and China are Leading the competition using their own currency in foreign Trade.

The BRICS,the group of the most strong emerging economies,composed by five countries Brazil,Russia,India,China and South Africa porposed also Cryptocurrency to serve as a Payment between the Involved Countries.

The Nations are about to enter the Market of Cryptocurrency using various speeches but they are not realizing that they are slowly surrendering to the Crypto Revolution.


I particularly don't give a damn why they are joining the crypto community as long they Join and believing that Crypto Industry is the solution to the future of Money!

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