For the total current Bitcoin supply of 18.5 millions only less than 22% is on Trade- Chainalysis report!

By alberdioni8406 | S.O.S | 19 Jun 2020

Bitcoin have been on market since 2009 and miners produced at least 18.5 millions new units to the market and in a new report from Chainalysis attest that only 3.5 millions are on the exchanges to be traded, that represent less than 22% of total current supply.

Interesting fact is that all of the remaining supply, around 60%,  have been on Hodl for long run period and Blockchain analytic firm Chainalysis go further saying that assets being hodl was never sold more than 25%,  showing clearly that holders are using it as Investment tool. Other supply of BTC accordingly with the analytic firm have not been touched for more than 5 years or more, and that could be for losing of private keys, death of the owners or another reason to not move the 20%.

Its interesting to note that 3.5 millions on market for trading and the halving from May reduced the reward from miners gives this Holders a big role on the market decision! The asset scarcity is increasing where this "whales" have big important in future:

  • Imminent scarce of the asset leave this "whales" as source of liquidity to the market as in future miners reward will continue to decrease leaving this to become suppliers, but here's the thing, they are available to do that!!

That's is an answer that could be out when the market need the "whales".

The actual supply on circulation in exchanges also have crucial role helping the price to maintain stable with traders buying and selling it.

Bitcoin is the main asset on trade on all crypto exchanges, that gives liquidity to the market and the Chainalysis report just shows that there are tons of BTC held apart from market with billions of dollars waiting to enter the market. 

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