Ethereum Researcher arrested for helping North Korea In Money Laundering.
Ethereum Researcher arrested for helping North Korea In Money Laundering.

The FBI service arrested an American Citizen accused to Help the Government of South Korea to Launder money and to Travel to North Korea without asking Permission to the Government of United States.

It's not new that North Korea has been linked to the major Crypto Hacking around the world and that they facing serious sanctions imposed by the US Government . News also noticed that the North Korea leader was about to give a "green light" to his researchers to create a digital coin with same characteristics of Bitcoin.


The new here is that they contacted this Ethereum researcher to help them understand how to use the Technology to launder money [ I believe,the all assets they stole around the World hacking] without being caught.

Of course ,the Investigation of the Federal Bureau Ended up conducting them to this Researcher.

The Researcher traveled to North Korea in the last April ignoring the fact that to do that ,must tell the US authorities about due to the Law that isn't allowing US citizens to Travel to North Korea ,this, due to Sanctions only granting permission in specific cases if proved guilty of infringement of that law he faces 20 years in Jail.


The accusation is more serious even if proved that he wanted to use the Technology behind Cryptocurrency for money laundering and violating the Sanctions of the North Korean Government.

Well, I personal think that The Korean Government movements only proves what the world says about them, they are Hacking and Launder money using crypto for their intents!



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