Bitcoin Halvening approach: what it represents to the price and Miners!

Bitcoin Halvening approach: what it represents to the price and Miners!

The all Crypto space and world of decentralized assets is in constant speculation about the really impacts that could come with the new BTC halvening concerning price and Miners cut reward. While it will really register moviments into the market it's not clear if the price will follow up and reach unpredictable high prices, could happen but the only sure is that the Bitcoin reward will be reduced to half.

Regarding to the price of the BTC it's in my opinion better to wait until or after the halvening happen to see changes, this will take part around May 12.

The Bitcoin halvening will cut the actually block reward to Miners to half, meaning the 12.5 BTC will drop to 6.25 BTC, and this is crucial to the system as predicted by Satoshi Nakamoto. It's a part of the Bitcoin unchangeable block reward schedule which backs the protocol from the beginning and is a part of signature feature. 

Nakamoto didn't schedule it in the whitepaper but soon become a part of the currency original codebase, and on Jan. 9, 2009 Nakamoto sent a message to attest the BTC monetary policy mentioning that would be a total supply of 21 million coins, distributed to network block nodes and the reward cut in half every four years!

​The system created by Nakamoto was set to be automatic scheduled with no human interference ever! The halvening aspect is very important to the BTC ecosystem and differ from other popular Blockchains which doesn't have a schedule to adjust the block reward.

The Halvening certainly will have economic implications and reducing the block reward to half will be more notable in the miners revenue but keep the software intact as only the numbers will change not affecting the system protecting the BTC code. In other hand the direct impact will be in the miners, as reducing the reward, specially to "small players" they won't be able to cover the cost of their business leading them to leave the industry by selling their mining machines to the "biggest ones" adventuring to other activities or remaining as miners and go to bankrupt!

But all of this are still speculation from my part and many others around, the thing is we will see the actual effects of the halvening in real time neither concerning to the price or Miners, and in the exact time we can be sure what will happen thru the BTC ecosystem! Nakamoto brought a monetary system that is efficient and no Man can interfere in it development only following it and see what happens until we reach that 21 million supply!

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