Africa The Cradle Of Humanity And The Future Of Bitcoin.

Africa The Cradle Of Humanity And The Future Of Bitcoin.

Africa is the Continent where was Found the First remains human bones and the Bitcoin have everything to get huge adoption.

Africa is a great continent ,where you found the best natural resources all across the Globe, beautiful Animals Reserves ...a complete Heaven on Earth. But not all are wonderful Things happening. There is a unemployment achieving more than 80% affecting the Youngest Population and a Corruption in almost everything that connects to Government Versus Population.


Things were Heavy...but with a light on,the Bitcoin is emancipating the youngsters and nowadays there are more and more people earning Cryptocurrency online and making it a life style and empowering them.

Most of the people in Need in Africa doesn't have any Bank account due to not have a proper job and the only way to store money being the mobile wallets. This is other thing that catalyst the Bitcoin ,most are connected to the internet and looking online jobs to fullfill their needs.


Despite all the difficulties referred above any Young African living in the City and Major Towns, have a smartphone connected to Internet and mobile wallets. This is another catalyst ,because many Bitcoin Transactions are made thru WhatsApp or Localbitcoins [not much] . Many countries in Africa doesn't have an Crypto Exchange but the adoption is ongoing and more fast than ever. 

Countries like Ghana,Nigeria,Uganda and South Africa are example of Bitcoin adoption in Africa,the ones you found more info about it, South Africa is Leading daily volumes of Bitcoin thru Exchanges...but the whole Continent is getting on and Bitcoin is the future in Africa.




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