‘I’m Not The Bubble’ V2 Extended #Bitcoin Anthem: A Special Edition #NFT Music Video from UpliftArt

By Jimmy D | UpliftArt | 8 Nov 2020

For those that have been following us this week you are more than likely up to date. But for those who may have missed it, here is a brief rundown to get you up to speed on UpliftArt and the Series One Drop event.

In Who, What, and Why of the UpliftArt Feed the Children Charity Drop, we explained the basic premise of the November 15th event, as well as the objective for UpliftArt to be an engaging mechanism for an all around win with everyone involved in the mission of Upliftnation.io to bring #CreativePhilanthropy via blockchain to the charity world. As we pointed out, this Series One Drop will be dedicated towards raising money for our partner Haitian Roots who has made it their objective to not only aid in the feeding and education of children in Haiti, but taken on yet more responsibility in trying to provide aid to those in need in a post global pandemic world. For this event, UpliftArt, and by extension Upliftnation, is on a mission to raise $50,000 for this cause and will be pledging 50% of all this event makes to the Haitian Roots non-profit organization. And for those wondering, the other 50% will go towards operational costs to expand the scope and mission of what is capable for Uplift.art as well as the build out of Upliftnation’s UpliftDAO.com social and donation infrastructure allowing us in the future to connect with even more organizations and bring a level of transparency and accountability through blockchain never before seen to the charitable and philanthropic world.

#TheMintSprint: UpliftArt ‘I’m Not the Bubble’ Series One Drop Mechanics went on to point out just how revolutionary this whole endeavor is in the pioneering a new way forward on a number of levels those use to NFT releases may have become accustomed to. Quite frankly, we are not sure if the combination of ideas such as pre-minted assets in crates giving all participants an equal opportunity for low mints, a total of seven rarity levels with the last two being only available by a new burn to upgrade gamification aspect, and the ability of community crates as a prequel to the actual event among other things has us or the community at large more excited. There is a lot in involved in this new model so we suggest if you have not already you check out the post and video linked above.

With that out of the way then, lets dive into why you are all here – that being to learn something new. And let us tell you, in that regard today is the day that we bring it. So sit back, pull up a chair, put your feet up and get ready to have your minds totally blown as we unleash upon you the full copy Special Edition NFT that will only be obtainable to the first 10 collectors to redeem the November 15th ‘I’m Not the Bubble’ Collector Editions.

Now if you have not already, we really hope that you see the value in this epic NFT music video remix of the original My Bitcoin Bull V. Played and sung by Corey Cottrell, and illustrated and produced by UpliftArt’s very own mBlu, the only way that this special edition can be obtained is by playing #TheMintSprint game.

As for distribution, these extended full music video versions will go out to the first two people to collect each of the first 5 rarity levels. Specifically, mints 1 and 2 will be gifted to the first people to collect the complete Legendary set of 25 assets, mints 3 and 4 to the first Epic full set rarity collectors, mints 5 and 6 for the Rare, mints 7 and 8 Uncommon, and mints 9 and 10 Common set collectors. In other words, these ‘I’m Not the Bubble V2’ Extended Special Edition NFT are not obtainable from the crates or from the burn to upgrade mechanics. The ONLY way to get these limited editions is to be one of the first people to collect each of the rarity levels, and for those dedicated and lucky 10 individuals, as a bonus this very unique and special NFT will be gifted your way.

And as cool as this all is on it’s very own merits, remember it is all for an incredible cause in association with our non profit charitable partner Haitian Roots.

Not too long now till the Series One Drop kicks off in full, however do keep your eyes peeled on our telegram and twitter as in the meantime there will be lots of opportunities to engage and maybe obtain on of the prized community crates delved out previous to the main act.

For all of you new to these parts welcome, and for all of you that have stuck around since finding us, thank you so much. Your support means the world to us, and even more to those we intend with your assistance to aid. Until that time again then, we hope that you continue to help us spread the word across as many mediums as you can and enjoy life to fullest at every possible turn.

To learn more about and keep updated with what is going on with Uplift.art and Upliftnation please follow, like, and subscribe to our socials or reach out to us in our telegram channels should you have any questions or inquiries.



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*Check out the original published by the same author at https://upliftdao.com/im-not-the-bubble-v2-extended-bitcoin-anthem-a-special-edition-music-video-on-the-blockchain-from-upliftart/

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Jimmy D
Jimmy D

Philosopher, historian, educator, permaculturalist, writer, podcast and video host, and crypto/blockchain enthusiast.


Uplift.Art works in association with Upliftnation.io to bring about digital artwork in the name charity. Uplift.Art pioneered the first full length music video on the blockchain and is consistently working towards engaging with artists, the community, and charities around the world in order to help facilitate a better tomorrow and win-win-win for all involved.

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