UN’s New & Improved Homepage @upliftnation.io

UN’s New & Improved Homepage @upliftnation.io

By Upliftnation.io | Uplift Nation io | 1 Dec 2019

Hello everyone!  We hope you have all been keeping well since last we had the pleasure.  It’s been a while since we have had an update, but in that time we have been hard at work with hashing out our future plans and rolling out our new and improved website.

What’s new?  Well, besides the entire thing being completely revamped with a new edgy feel to it, we have added a number of sections that were not present in our previous beta version.  Now you will find a variety of sections filling out the information on what we are about, what we are looking to achieve, the core team members and partners, an Uplift Nation Media Center, and an Uplift Nation blog among other things.

As this is just a small sample, please do take the time to check out the actual site at upliftnation.io.  It’s pretty interactive and really easy to navigate.  It will also give you a lot of background information all in one place and hopefully  a better picture of who we are, what we are aiming for, and how those interested can get involved and help should they desire.  In addition, should you have any questions or just wanna pop in and say hello, your more than welcome to drop on by our official Telegram channel and do so.  And for those of you that might want to do a little more to lend us a hand in making this world and the people in it just a little better, whether that be to donate some of your ‘dust to DAO’ or contribute some time or skill within your means to Uplift Nation foun-DAO-tion, that would be just wonderful.

Dust To DAO: Longterm savings where the community will vote on the disbursement

EOS.IO & Bitshares donations
All account names = upliftnation

EOS, WAX, TELOS, BEOS, Bitshares

*[not tax deductible]

For Dollar based donations please send to our partner HaitianRoots.com

*[tax deductible]

Uplift Nation Official Support Channels

Please like, subscribe, and share our official social channel content as it will help with our initial momentum building of upliftnation.io

To Learn More or Get Involved, Check us out at


Uplift Nation is a transparent charitable foun-dao-tion built on the EOS Blockchain with the mission to empower and strengthen communities globally.

Uplift Nation io
Uplift Nation io

Uplift Nation is a transparent charitable foundation built on the EOS Blockchain with the mission to empower and strengthen communities globally.

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