Treasure Hunts 2.0

By LazUpland | Upland | 17 Apr 2020

As we get ready to launch the second iteration of the popular Treasure Hunts feature in Upland, we thought you’d like to have a sneak peak at what is planned. Please keep in mind that not all of these additional features may be released at the same time.

Standard Tier

The Standard (Blue) Tier will be added to treasure hunts, but rather than being a race against other players, this treasure will be a race against the clock.  This treasure would be available to spawn for free, on demand, one time a day - and then can be continuously spawned on demand for an UPX fee.

New Competitive Treasure Discovery Types

New treasure discovery mechanics will be integrated into the existing competitive tiers (Limited and Exclusive). Each time a treasure is spawned, it will be of one of the following three discovery mechanics:


As implied - Classic treasure discovery will have full arrow visibility (hints) from any minted property.


Covert treasures will show arrow hints only on properties owned by others, not on those owned by the player.


Stealth treasures will only reveal discovery arrows on minted properties within a certain radius from the actual treasure 



Riot Mode

Whenever the ‘Currently Hunting’ indicator crosses a certain threshold of hunters, Treasure Hunt will turn into Riot Mode, meaning any spawned competitive treasure while Riot Mode is active will carry a multiplier on its reward.


Once a player finds a treasure, the player will enter a cooldown period that will prevent them from seeing hints for all competitive treasures. Though the cooldown period will be preset, it will also be adjusted down as more players join the hunt.

Broken Trail

Discovery arrows from now on will only be visible on minted properties within the vicinity of your explorer or its most recent trail. Broken off trails will no longer be of use. 


A competitive treasure may be spawned in multiple instances, with each instance visible only to a certain segment of players.

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