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Look out: burglars are coming! 🦹🏻‍♂️🦹🏻‍♀️

By LazUpland | Upland | 13 May 2020

May 18th is International Museum Day, a day to celebrate each museum’s culture, subjects and unique preoccupations.

But while you stroll past any of the 24, beautiful San Francisco museums that Upland has to offer: be careful. Burglars might be planning to use the commotion on International Museum Day to steal some of the priceless treasures and artifacts within. And they’re looking to recruit YOU.

As a safety precaution, Upland’s Curators — those holding the complete Curator Collection on 15 May, 12:00 PM Pacific Time — have been warned, and their precious treasures spread among the rest of the properties in their asset portfolio. This should make the burglars’ job much more challenging.

Choose your side

In this special live event you’ll have to decide: whose creed will you serve?! The Burglars, scheming to make that quick buck the sleazy way. Or the Curators, beacons of class and stature in the community.

This live event will utilize the new Challenge Board feature. The day’s treasures are separated into types: one type representing each of the participating Curators’ museums. Though there will only be 10–15 types, there will be many instances of each type. They will be spread across properties belonging to the participating Curators.


An example of the Mexican Museum Treasure Type


Your mission is to do what you do best: snatch those shiny treasures. But don’t expect it to be easy, the Curators have prepared. You will not receive hints as to how many treasures exist or are available, nor will you receive hints from us as to where they are located. 

Each distinct treasure you collect in this live event grants you one (1) point on the Burglars Challenge Board (i.e. collecting the Mexican Museum Treasure three times still counts as just one point). The Burglar with the most points at the end of the event — wins. It is very possible that multiple players will have the same number of maximum points, for example if each finds every type of treasure at least once. In such a case, the grand prize will be split amongst them. 

Anyone who does not hold the complete Curator Collection on 15 May at 12:00 PM Pacific Time will automatically be a Burglar for the course of the event and cannot be a Curator.


Whichever Curator has the most treasures left UNTOUCHED at the end of the event, will get their own prize. The same number of treasures will be dropped across each Curators’ properties with each wave to keep things fair.

Make no doubt about it — you’re on the defense on this one! The odds are against you, your options limited. Do what you can to prevent those burglars from snatching your treasures. Sell out your fellow Curators if you must. Or form alliances with them. Or with the burglars. It’s up to you. 

Interested in being a Curator but still missing a museum for your collection? Here are the ones that are left: 

Asian Art Museum — 45 HYDE ST
Museum of Craft and Design — 2501 03RD ST
Museum Of 3D Illusions — 200 BEACH ST
Exploratorium — 15 THE EMBARCADERO ST
de Young Museum — 50 HAGIWARA TEA GARDEN DR
The California Academy of Sciences — 55 MUSIC CONCOURSE DR
Pier 24 Photography — 24 THE EMBARCADERO ST
Children’s Creativity Museum — 221 04TH ST

Any player who holds the complete Curator Collection on 15 May at 12:00 PM Pacific Time will automatically be a Curator for the course of the event and cannot be a Burglar.

Game On

We can’t wait for you to kick those new Martini features and updates into high gear. Regardless of which side you choose or what the results may be, one thing is for certain: by the end of the event you’ll have memorized the names of all of San Francisco’s museums. And that’s a great way to celebrate International Museum Day.

We’ll see you on the map this Monday, May 18th.

[Note to the curious: the event will run officially from 08:00 AM Pacific Time to 08:00 AM Pacific Time the following day, May 19th]

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