Have Questions About Starting in Upland? I have some answers.

Is Upland a Cryptocurrency Game? 

Yes.  There is an in-game currency called UPX.  UPX is only used in-game, mainly to buy properties, but also to move around the map and to buy NFTs.  UPX is not traded on an exchange so it WILL remain in the game.


How does Upland use NFT’s?

Each property is an NFT on the EOS blockchain.  When you buy or sell a property, it is confirmed on the EOS blockchain.  Also, Upland has opened an NFT portal which allows players to move NFT’s into the Upland metaverse.  The capability of the portal is still limited, but the team is actively increasing the functionality of this feature.


How do I get my money out of Upland?

When you sell a property, you can select sell for FIAT.  Once the property sells, the proceeds will appear in your FIAT balance which you can then transfer out.


How do I earn in Upland?

Each property pays a dividend if you will... it’s called a monthly UPX reward.  The UPX accumulates on an on-going basis and can be collected as often as every 3 hours (17.3% is the standard return on minted properties).   But don’t worry if you don’t collect regularly because the UPX will continue to accumulate.  You can also make UPX by flipping properties.  This is the really fun part.  Find a property that you feel is undervalued, buy it, list it for more, BOOM!  It’s fun. 


Is it too late to start?  Am I at a disadvantage for not already being in Upland?

This is what I really think is going to make Upland successful.  Every city that opens, levels the playing field for every player including new players.  Upland usually releases 1-2 cities per month.  New city releases allow everyone to “mint” properties.  The process of minting basically means that you are the first owner of that property, you are minting the NFT on the blockchain.  The price when minting is very low and the chances of being able to flip a minted property for a profit is almost 100%.  Some properties will sell for 300%, 400%, 1,200% and sometimes more, remember location, location, location.  And all players have an equal chance of minting ANY property during a city release.  No advantage to seasoned players.  There are plenty of opportunities for everyone to profit very nicely on a new city release.  If you are timing your entry into the game, do it as a new city is releasing.  Research where the newest city is.  That is where you want to be.  Also, Upland reserves a percentage of all properties for new players.  These properties are labeled as FSA (Fair Start Agreement).  FSA properties are identical to non-FSA properties except that seasoned players, or those with 100,000 UPX or more cannot mint them.  This gives new players an opportunity to mint prime real estate while still learning how to move around efficiently.


How long does it take to earn real money in Upland?

It depends on how active you are, and what strategy you use.  If you mint properties and hold them, you will earn approximately 17.5% per year.  If you flip properties, you are able grow incredibly faster than that.  In my experience, I put $300 into the game 8 months ago and if I sold everything I have for FIAT right now, a conservative estimate of what I could get would be $10,000-$12,000.  That’s an estimate of course.  I have used a combination strategy of both holding some properties and flipping others. 


Should I treasure hunt?

Treasure hunting is really the “game” part of Upland.  It can be difficult and expensive to treasure hunt, especially for new players.  Every time you send your block explorer to a different property you will have to pay an UPX fee.  The fee can be anywhere between 5-100 UPX.  If you can send to your own property, then the send is free.  So, experienced players will build what’s called a treasure hunting net or treasure hunting grid.  This basically means that they are blanketing a city with properties.  Top treasure hunters will have 200-600 properties in one city, spread out for optimal coverage.  It is extremely difficult for new players to find competitive treasure chest because they are competing against this type of player who is basically searching for free.  If you are interested in treasure hunting, you can do it with as few as 5 or 6 properties strategically spaced out.  Start with the standard hunts where you don’t compete with other players.  You just have to find the treasure in 5 minutes.  Get comfortable and get good, THEN try for some competitive hunts. 


Are there any promotional offers for new players?

Yes.  When setting up your account use this Upland Link to setup your account.  You can start for free.  But when and if the time comes that you decide to put money into the game, you will receive 50% extra UPX on your first in-game purchase.  Start this way because if you setup your account first, you will not be able to get the offer after-the-fact. 


I will be posting more info on Upland so stay tuned

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Upland Property Trading Game- unofficial user blog
Upland Property Trading Game- unofficial user blog

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