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How I Made Uplander In A WEEK - You Could Do It In LESS! (Without Splashing Cash)

By Yttrandefrihet | Upland Game | 24 Feb 2021

A core part of the crypto-game Upland is making it to Uplander status (10K UPX in networth). That's when the game really starts. I managed to reach that in a week without spending any fiat currency on the game. Here's how I did it.

Upland is kind of a pay-to-win game. But that doesn't bother me. You can read more about that here. It is easy to make it without splashing cash, if you just make the right moves.

Step 1: Sign up via a link that gets you extra bonus money! I used the link in a Brave Browser add, but the one for this competition works just as well:

Just make sure you start with 6K at least. That's important!

Setp 2: Start out in a small town! I don't recommend starting right now, as Fresno is pretty much sold out. But they have announced that a similar town outside of New York will open soon, so be ready for it!

Travel is expensive in Upland, and you need the dough for properties!

Step 3: Buy 3 FSA* properties on the same street. As cheap as possible. This will let you unlock challanges - "Newbie", "King of the Street", and for Fresno, "The Fresno". There will probably be a similar one in the New York suburb, when that opens. This will net you about 2500 upx.


Step 4. Buy two other properties in the same city. This will open up the "City Pro" challenge, which will net you another 1200 upx.


Step 5. Log in every day for your first week! The login bonuses will be enough to take you to 10K networth. For me, it took the whole week, because I bought too expensive properties in step 3, and thus couldn't finish step 4 until after the full week. If you find cheap enough FSA properties, you can do it in less! But keep logging in still, bonus UPX is nice!

Once you are an Uplander, it's much simpler. You can simply buy FSA properties and sell them to other players for more than the mint price.

*FSA properties are properties that only newer players - Visitors and Uplanders, can mint.

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Yttrandefrihet is a Swedish word. It means freedom of expression, which is something I value.

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