How to Get Free UPX in Upland!

How to Get Free UPX in Upland!

By Bdag | Upland for Cheapskates | 23 Jul 2020



Please note that the info given below is outdated. With the launch of Fresno/Clovis, Brooklyn, Oakland and the selling out of SF and NY, most of these prices are no longer valid. But I hope you understand the context and that it gives you a boost in the game to earn the bonuses from the latest cities. Best bet at the moment is to join the Discord server and get tips there.


Over the course of the last month and a half I’ve been giving you tips on how to start playing like a miser. I myself am a fair cheapskate which always drives me to figure out how to do things more efficiently and effectively. In my first post I gave some indication of how you can get free in game cash, called UPX, but thought I’d give a very brief and pointed overview here. You can become an instant Uplander (which gives you permanent status) by reaching 10,000 UPX in value either in land, coin, or both.

To buy properties from others though, you need to first be an Uplander. When you login with my referral code you should get 4500 UPX free to start. Find the ‘GET UPX’ button in the top right corner of the screen. If you then buy $/£/€ 10 worth of UPX you will get another free 5000 UPX (but only if you came in via my referral link). You will now have 19,000 UPX, almost half of which was free. Also, you should do the Uplander ceremony and become a permanent citizen! (If you choose to buy only $/£/€ 5 worth of UPX then you'll end up with 12,000 UPX). You'll likely also have a random chance at a pinata. Click the mcstuffins out of it to get another 300-400 UPX.

As noted above, the below is no longer valid and I will reject any offers. It is here for reference and posterity only:

Next, go and make offers on 3 of my properties. The addresses are xxxx 39th Ave, xxxx 39th Ave and xxxx 39th Ave. Click each property and click the Offer button (next to the Buy button). Select offer type of UPX, then enter xxxx. For real estate services the system will actually charge you xxxx per property but I'll only get xxxx each. You'll need to make sure you have at least 12,285UPX in your account. The system will message me and I’ll see all 3 offers. I will go through and accept them all.


Now, click on the … at the bottom of the screen and look for the Collections button. Go to Newbie and Edit Collection. Add any of the properties in there. You’ll get an 800 UPX bonus! Next, go to the San Franciscan Collection and add all 3 of the properties in there. The first one may show a ‘!’ next to it but should let you break the newbie collection and move it into San Franciscan. If not you’ll have to wait for a minute or two. Once you have all 3 properties in this collection you will get another extra 800 UPX. Exciting, eh?

Repeat this process for King of the Street (900 UPX free) and Sunset (950 UPX free). At this point you will have spent $/£/€ 10 but have a net worth of 22,450 UPX. Not bad for your first day!


This is all possible even if you only bought $/£/€ 5 worth of UPX but for those of you who doubled that amount, I have an extra deal for you. After you have gained all of your bonuses, make me another offer. In this one you’re going to go to xxx, xxx, and xxxLexington and make an offer for those Sunset properties. For instance, you’ll click on xxx Lexington and offer to trade for xxxx 39th Ave. Do this for xxx Lexington and xxxx 39th Ave, and xxx Lexington and xxxx 39th Ave. Again, once I see all 3 trades in my inbox I’ll accept them and uptrade you into another collection.

With these properties you will be able to fill the Mission District Collection and gain 1300 UPX more from me. You’ll now be worth 23,750 UPX for purchasing 10,000 UPX!

Shortly after I accept the offer on the Mission District properties I’ll then make a counteroffer to buy them back for xxxx UPX each. I’m buying them back so I can offer this deal to the next person. If I did my maths right you’ll be sitting on over 25,000 UPX to start making some of your own purchases. If you come into the game and buy 10,000 UPX without a referral, you’ll only have 14,000 UPX total and be on your own to work out the collections.

Please note, Upland is having growing pains right now and there are very few if any properties available.

There are plenty of properties around that are between xxxx–xxxx UPX. You might find ones that interest you, have significance to you, or are in a part of town you like. Pro-tip, buy the cheapest properties you can find (there are still many grey ones around for 3000 UPX) and then resell them for a 10% markup. If you buy 5 properties you can put them in the City Pro collection and gain a final free 1200 UPX.


Final count, you got 4500 UPX as a sign-up bonus, 5000 UPX from my referral link when you bought UPX, then another 5950 UPX from getting the first 6 collection bonuses. That's 55% of your current wallet which you got free! Way to go!

Why would I do this? When you buy UPX after coming through my referral link I’ll get the same extra bonus you do. If you buy 10,000 UPX you’ll get the 5,000 UPX bonus and I’ll get a 5,000 UPX bonus too! As a thank you for doing that I want to help you get a jump start in the game. Not only that but the more players this game gets, the more successful it will be. A rising tide floats all boats.

Note, if you only want to buy 5000 UPX then we can still work this deal out, but I’ll only get you through Sunset before I make an offer to buy the properties back for 3750 UPX each. In that case you’ll get a 4000 UPX sign-up bonus, a 2500 UPX purchase bonus and 3450 UPX in bonuses from completing collections. Buying 10,000 UPX will allow me to help trade you up through Mission District. Don’t worry, if you do buy 10k UPX through my referral link I’ll be notified as such and be able to push you all the way through.

Now what’s stopping you from becoming a land mogul?

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