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Welcome fellow explorers, to the TML Upland FAN (Financials and News) Blog.

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Trying another new format, let me know your thoughts and any feedback is appreciated.

JFK Easter Event

The big happening right now is the active Easter event, going into a fevered day 3 with the hunt for T2 eggs live right now. (I have a tab up hunting myself) This is a 6 Day multi-tier event that you can get the full rundown on here or check out my pre-thoughts here. I think this has gone about as expected. There were a couple technical 'hiccups' but the dev team resolved them very promptly. The biggest surprise, at least for me, was how hard they were to find! I jumped to over 100 of my own properties in search of these mystical eggs and only found 1 tier 1 egg! From some of the real-time updates provided by the community in Telegram, it seemed like there was quite a spread of players finding the eggs, which to me is great to hear! It truly feels like an easter egg hunt of my youth traveling around the map hoping for that magical pop-up! Also, there were some assumptions I had made about how the eggs were going to released and they were wrong; all the eggs got released at once not in intervals throughout the day and there were no arrows (which makes sense since they were all released at once) Also, I had predicted you'd need 20+ finds to be among the top hunters, at this point, it looks like 10-12 found eggs could secure you a win!

T3 is half a day away and that's where the fun really starts; only 15 eggs! Good luck and happy hunting!


So, if you haven't heard the next Upland release is Martini! The dev team is going full agile and releasing it in multiple "shots" (read smaller releases quicker) this will allow them to launch exciting features as soon as they are production-ready and not be tied to a single large release. This is very on point for modern software development and I applaud the team! Please check out the full release here!

The things I'm most excited about:


New interface! Yes please, I love the art style of Upland, bright cheery colors and fun characters! Can't wait to see more of this.


Ok, I'm slightly competitive (read SUPER COMPETITIVE) It will be interesting to see what KPIs they share and who tops those lists - Kent looking at you!


UMMMM YES! This is so huge! Like massive, like game-changing, like game-defining! I can not even wait to see how this is done and I can't wait to start building on my properties and seeing the city come to life!


Last but not least; squads. #TeamTurtle obviously is going to the squad to be in :p but this will be one to watch how it changes gameplay like collections and THs.

There are a lot more huge updates including a major overhaul to THs and potential FIAT out (!!) and I will dive into each as there are released so be sure to stay tuned.


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Tier 1 and Tier 2 Egg Properties

So all the T1 egg properties have been released (150) and most of the T2 Eggs (75) have been found. Let's take a look at them and how to make some money.

This is the "JFK Bound" Property Tag the WILL Remain FOREVER! Note the color will change for each tier; the blue one in the image is T1 so 150 properties now have this marker. 75 will have it in Purple, 15 Orange, 5 Red, and only 1 Yellow.

JFK Bound Property Tag

My initial thought on T1 was going to be ~10k, but I also thought they might be found on properties 3-5K. From the ones, I saw the cheapest were in the 7k range and many were over 10k unminted. This factor alone wouldn't have a huge impact on the initial evaluation but they sold out QUICK! Like within the first couple hours of day 2 (when they were revealed) they were all sold. Based on this I priced most of mine at 15k and I think the 6-9 month range for these could push 50k on the secondary market, especially for those in collections or with desirable addresses.

The T2 properties are being found on properties valued 15k+ and put them in a tricky situation because the base price is twice of T1 and the scarcity is 1/2 of T1 but that doesn't mean these will be valued at 60-100k, in fact I think most will only fetch 10-20% over base value, with a couple of collection properties and specialty addresses being the exceptions. I bought two that I'm hoping I tracked correctly and will be T2 properties but I don't expect these to be as high of demand as T1,  because of the base costs. I would (and will) buy any under 15k when they are revealed.

****Breaking NEWS*****

As I was writing this Upland dropped some great news on the T3 Eggs! I expect this will add some value to the presumably already pricey T3s.

Haight Ashbury Update

The first sold-out neighborhood in Upland, which was a very exciting event for everyone involved but now it means there are no unminted properties and it’s all aftermarket sales. For me, the 85% UPX interest boost does not justify the property markups. That being said if you’re buying in HA it shouldn’t be for the interest, go to Russian Hill and grab some cheap unminted properties and take the 80%. You come to HA because you want to be involved in flipping these properties.

As of 4/09/20 - 

Overall recommendation Increase your price and buy the rest

HA had a small resurgence with some fresh blood coming to the game with some TH wins and the excitement of events, I sold 5 HA properties in the last 24hrs. I have taken down the majority of the rest and will be reposting at my new higher recommendation; 35k Min

Cheapest single property Unminted: N/A

Cheapest single property Resale: 25,000 UPX (Soon to be 35,000 UPX)

Current Markup % 50+

Buy: Don’t. Unless you’re a completist or you're looking to flip

Sell: 35,000 UPX Min

This is an excerpt from my Players and Buyers guide which can be found here.

What's the next hot collection(s)?

For me, I'm looking at the Streets, Mission, Lombard, Market. Something simple and fun about a full street collection. It's easy to know if you're buying in the collection and there is an increasingly limited number available.

Here are some recent notes I made from my Buyer's Guide:


As of 3/30/20 - 

Overall recommendation: Buy

Limited number of properties left and they seem to be the pricier ones! I don’t think this will sell out anytime soon, but it’s getting pricier by the week to get in on this one.

Cheapest single property Unminted: ~60,000+ UPX

Cheapest single property Resale: ~35,000 UPX

Current Markup %

Buy: < 20% 

Sell: +35%

Sell: 20-25%

Secret Up and Coming Neighborhood?

Well if I told you it wouldn't be a secret! I promise to share more once some key events take place, but know there is always more than meets the eye in the streets of Upland.


Cheer and as always,




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