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By ThankMeLater | Upland Fan Blog | 4 Apr 2020

Hi, fellow Uplanders,

Hot off the presses:https://medium.com/upland/fly-to-new-york-for-easter-announcing-jfk-bound-competition-d160fab55302

The Easter event is going to be a LOT more involved than the St. Patrick's Day event and is upping the ante significantly because the Easter Bunny is bringing us the first JFK property! For those that weren't around for SFO, the airport release contest was a big deal and had some interesting elements.

This is easily the most involved and potentially complicated events ever released in Upland, and I, for one, am STOKED!

I'm not going to copypasta the whole article, you can read it for yourself using the link at the top of the page, but I am going to extract the key details and talk strat!


Event Timing:  April 7th, 7:00 AM PT - April 13th7:00 AM PT

Event Goals:

                       1) Collect Hidden Egg Treasures containing UPX and 1 Event Pinata (Released throughout a couple of days)

                       2) Complete the Limited-Time Collection and win the first JFK Plot! (This is HUGE)

Ok, so the eggs are in 5 tiers released across six days as follows:

  • April 7/8 — Tier 1 — Blue — 150 Easter Eggs
  • April 9 — Tier 2 — Purple — 75 Easter Eggs
  • April 10 — Tier 3 — Orange — 15 Easter Eggs
  • April 11 — Tier 4 — Red — 5 Easter Eggs
  • April 12 — Tier 5 — Yellow — 1 Easter Egg

So it sounds like there will be hunts that lead you to the hidden eggs. Unlike Treasure Hunts, these will be specified on unminted properties! This is where it starts to get fun! So the property where the egg is located (slightly more complicated than just the property you moved to find it, since there is a "find radius" you need to account for) will "develop" a special symbol (much like the"FLY SFO" symbol, if I had to guess it'll be a colored egg with "FLY JFK" or equivalent) within 24 hours after its discovered(Hint: the eggs icons will appear at 7 AM PT the day after they are found). Why is that important? Well, if you want the GRAND GRAND prize of the first JFK Terminal, you need to OWN one of each Tier. Tier 1/2 should be little to no issue. Not rare enough to be worth a ton of mark up and likely will be on a lot of less attractive/cheaper properties. Tier 3, there is enough interest that any "cheap" (under 10k) properties will go quick and will likely fetch a good return depending on location. Tier 4, which only has 5 locations, means its rare will be a key in the final collection. If you get one of T4s or even a cheap T3 and you don't plan on winning the T5, I would recommend selling it before the T5 is released for some profit to one of the handfuls of prospects that are going for T5. (If you wait the resell value may go down since their initial value surge will be helping to complete the temporary collection)

I suspect the T4 and T5 eggs will be on higher-priced locations like Financial District (if the SFO contest is any indication) so be prepared with some major UPX if you really want to go for this (I would say 1M UPX min)

Alternative strat: You don't need to buy to win! There is a non-0% chance the contest ends in "draw," meaning no one has the complete collection. This community is super collaborative but also super competitive. So if no one gets the full set, what happens? Well, whoever found the most eggs gets it! That means you need to be on your game April 7-9th Tiers 1/2 are over 90% of the hunts. I would say you really need to find ~20 eggs to have a chance at this win condition.

I don't think its any surprise, I will be ACTIVELY trying to achieve this. I hope as a loyal reader if you aren't going for it yourself you will help me make this (with compensation obviously ^_^ )

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Happy Hunting and as always,



Be sure to check the official announcement for full details and  T&Cs; https://medium.com/upland/fly-to-new-york-for-easter-announcing-jfk-bound-competition-d160fab55302


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