Mojitos! (Including search contest #3)

Mojitos! (Including search contest #3)

By ThankMeLater | Upland Fan Blog | 11 Mar 2020

Wow! I’ve been feeling tipsy after the Llama Lords released all that great Mojito Magic all over SF! Waking up to a world of new and exciting possibilities is quite extraordinary. I addition to getting new views and information to some of my favorite locations, I now have a way to see into your parallel universe using Street View! There are certainly some interesting sights in your world, but I think I’ll stick to mine for now.

Oh, did I mention my favorite new activity!? (Beside hanging with you all of course) Treasure Hunts! So get this; when I woke up from my nap the other day there were two huge arrows in the sky! Well, of course, I did the only logical thing…..I ran towards the arrow! (Its great having properties all around the city to transport quickly to) The arrow started blinking faster and I knew I was on to something! Then…it disappeared… I turned towards the other one……IT started blinking more and even turned red! Then IT disappeared…….then there were no arrows…… ☹ Confused and not sure what to make of it I asked around and sure enough, my good friend MrMonopoly had actually reached the end and found a TREASURE! There was one chest full of UPX and then….wait for it….there was a Pinata FULL of UPX! So cool!

Some time passed and I couldn’t stop thinking about all those shiny gold coins, when out of nowhere another arrow appeared in the sky! I was on it! (Other explorers sometimes dismiss my speed because I’m a turtle but they would be so wrong 😊 ) I bounced around to a couple of my places and some of my friend’s houses when I finally found treasure! It was quite exhilarating, I was immediately addicted. I think my neighbors know not to sleep on this turtle now, I’ve become quite good at finding these treasures, but its more than that. The treasure hunts have also become a beacon for the community; my fellow explorers and I have communication channels to alert each other when a hunt is coming up which is a really fun way to have fun and be competitive. This will definitely make my days in Upland more fun!


Oh, so I mentioned I get to see new information well for this hunt you'll need to look very carefully! Warning this will NOT be easy (I hope)

Name the property that contains these two mini-icons in the comments.

Hint for the Glasses Icon name:

Pupils in Costume

Hint for the Coffe Cup:

Top Pinata


The winner gets 5,000 UPX!


Search 3


Happy Hunting,

ThankMeLater, the Turtle


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