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Upland Goes into Maintenance a lot...

Being a fairly new company, Upland had visions to
create something yet to exist, they had a grand
vision for something most wouldn't dare to dream
up, and they've made it a reality.


Naturally to come with being a leader in the industry, and a true
innovator, are hiccups and maintenance periods.

Most by now have experienced the wheel of death
associated majority of the time with city openings,
and often times Upland will enter maintenance to
sort out the issue as to not allow for a poor user

Yet, most Uplanders seek to complain about the
growth experienced, causing this lag, than choosing to
see the situation as a good sign. If Upland routinely
needs to re-enter maintenance every city opening,
after having resolved previous issues occurring last
time, this means that even with a tremendous growth
curve, they still had more than anticipated joining to
participate thus causing robust loads of pressure on
Upland systems whilst not being able to properly

I choose to see this as a positive thing, as this means
Upland is growing, and growing really fast.

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