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Turning Nothing into Everything: How To Build Wealth in Upland

By Upland Brew | Upland Brew Analytics | 28 Apr 2022


Turning 0$ Into $50,000 USD

Having started out in Upland just over a year ago with nothing more than my
free account, and no job, I was excited for the future, a place I could earn
online. Little did I know I would now be moved out into my own place (of
which is gorgeous), with a nice car paid for in cash, and now living exactly
he life I always dreamed of as a kid, I'm living off my computer and phone
for work, of which I barely have to check. Nowadays I do choose to work
additional jobs to create more income, but I could sustain myself off Upland
alone as mentioned! This isn't about my or my story though, you came here
to lean how to build wealth in Upland, and that's what we'll do.

Where do we start? That's a great question, it is wise for new players today to start in Detroit as it's currently the cheapest available city in Upland, however once sold out, there will be others and so I recommend choosing what you believe to be the cheapest city available at the moment based on current real world value and status.


The FSA strategy consists of a new player with less than $100 USD' value in the platform buying up as many FSA properties possible before surpassing the limit and no longer being able to buy them. Though they come with a slew of downsides, the money remains the same and taking a free account to $300-$500 USD off FSA properties alone isn't much heard of anywhere, but in Upland it is possible! (Link to join at the bottom of article).


City openings will be your number one priority in Upland, they aren't super often, and they are your best chance at making a quick buck. City openings are how I myself managed to make a small fortune on the platform, but we are here for you not me, and my best advice to you to replicate the strategy would be to research, research and more research. You can never know enough about the city you're going into, and you best be prepared to gain the maximum value.


Slowly sell off your FSA properties every week when the limit resets, with this cash you can prepare a balance to enter new cities with, which you can hold and move profits over to the next and so on. The FSA limit is two property sales weekly, with no limits on price. With weeks of preparation before each city opening, you will be very comfortable climbing your way to the top of the mountain, and gliding back down to victory as your passive income pays you while you sleep. Oh did I forget about that part? Your properties pay you rent for owning them, as well as your building resource token has some insane real world value, I make just over $20 a day for life right now! #UplandWealthBuilding 

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