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UPLAND WARNING! Don't end up in Boomer Noob Bay!

By Chauncey | Upland and Away! | 26 Feb 2021

Well if you have made it this far, why not keep pushing. Honestly speaking, I am not a "Boomer" but am a Gen Xer from Boomertown, meaning, although I am a Generation Xer, I am from Boomertown and all my older relatives hold land there. Being from Boomertown, sometimes I act like a Boomer Noob when interfacing with new technology and platforms like the Upland Metaverse. During my first month of play, I complained plenty after figuring out how to interact in Discord regularly. One circumstance happened during a very tense live auction of NFTs that are highly sought after and players can upload into their Block Explorer to display . (Face Shield Block Explorer below) BTW, you can go home to any of your properties without using a send old fella. Anyway, players had to purchase 100,000UPX during a 1 minute window to obtain the NFTs. Somehow, my transaction failed and I was SUPER BOOMER PISSED. I mean, I was "I SPEND MY HARD EARNED DOLLARS HERE!!!!" pissed. Not only that, it took a few days to understand who to talk to and if they were going to do anything about it. I became impatient and went to Boomertown. Not proud. But they did a great job waiting for me to understand what had happened and compensated my account in a very fair way.  Face Shield Block Explorer

The young ones were patient with me as I began navigating through the Blockchain. Those of us who are POTAs (People Older Than Average) need to realize if you choose to participate in this emerging technology (Blockchain) and its components, you need to be patient. Transactions are being reinvented for less cost and fee daily. With the increase in users (Upland is said to add 300+ per day), so will their cost, as they have not begun to master the game like you. Not only that, when you engage in the Upland community besides being in-game at places like Discord, the Upland Blog, and the Upland Nights Community on Telegram, you can't help but make money just from monitoring the chat. These places are where you can get hints at availability of rare items and live events with rare item giveaways, as well as land auctions and game play. 

Upland_Boomer Noob Bay

You kids get off my lawn!!!!

Well old timer, in "The Metaverse" you actually WANT people on your lawn. In fact, the more people you have on your lawn, the better, because all those kids are making UPX with each visit to your property! Look for property that you think lots of people will visit like the areas around bus terminals, airports, and train stations. Engage with the citizens of Upland as a different place than you are used to on Earth. Adopt the technology early and see the value of your holdings skyrocket in 1-2 years. Old Man, you are an Uplander now! Time to act like it!


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Upland and Away!
Upland and Away!

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