Tribes Must Flourish Too

I Don't Know Who Needs to Hear This: Metamorphs or Cryptohumes or everyone.

By Chauncey | Upland and Away! | 27 Feb 2021


Ok, so I made up those terms just to get you in the door. You can hashtag them, mint them as an NFT and get rich and then shove that money in your pie hole. This post is not a welcome to crypto piece of shipyard scrap that everyone ignores while driving a million miles an hour toward the event horizon, the blockchain mainstream intersection. This is apost about the one group that will be the late adopters and will once again suffer economic inequity unless someone takes notice, Indigenous people.

First of all, most likely they would never believe in the power of money connected to a non-physical entity as much as regular folk from cities. This is for several reasons. First, they have been sought out before only to be imperialized or worse. Secondly, the amount of money it would take to set up crypto-wallets would be problematic (if gas fees remain as current). The tribe could mitigate this through a central trading hub for their people to hold accounts. For these reasons, if tried in America first, it would go slowly. So we would have to go through the tribe. When tribes have gaming revenues, they pay dividends out to their community members. If they had their own Atomic Hub they could pay it out in USD or WAX or ETH. Thirdly, there are 100 other reasons but all could be overcome just like in mainstream society. One example of an Indigenous Organization beginning to accomplish this is Indigenous Community Collaborative (ICC).They are creating content and internships for Indigenous youth to train in blogging,vlogging, and Instagramming, why not add crypto currency and NFTs to the mix? In a recent conversationI had with one of ICC's founders,Melody Lewis, she shared her perspective on problems facing connecting indigenous communities to the net and crypto. 

"I think one of the things people don't realize about Indigenous communities, is that they are far behind in terms of infrastructure development. Reservations in the United States can be very remote and disconnected and offer little in the way of internet/wifi connection for their community members who live there." 

One area that could be a springboard into the cryptospace and metaverse would be through the arts. Indigenous peoples have a strong art culture dating back since before contact in the Americas. My father was an enrolled member of the Turtle Mountain Ojibwe before he passed. As for myself, I worked as a school teacher and principal on the reservation for 12 years and work for Indigenous American Indian Tribes once in a while. You don't have to trust what I say. Look at my former students' art:

Stuck at Boarding SchoolCousin at a PartyAnimalsJazz Kokopelli


As you can see, any of these (2) different artists who were former students could create NFTs and get into the crypto space and from their develop wallets and trading. My thought is this and I hope thisn finds the right person. 

-Use your tax shelter to develop an internship program for students into NFT art and Crypto economics. I have several tribes and businesses in the Phoenix Area we could work with that are Indigenously owned. Contact me through the site or a response.

-Begin the development of a Tribal Coin. Base it on something of value tribes can use to bargain. My initial thought was this: 

*In exchange for one tribal token, an outside entity could get a business development consult with Tribal Leadership (scale according to what audience, chairman/governor, tribal council, etc.)

The amount of money wasted by big crypto on meaningless and uselessthings is large and growing and mirrors the overallsocietal fad. Instead of playing with Dogecoin all day, why doesn't someone like @elonmusk simply give Starlink access to Indigenous tribes as his payment for messing around with humans like an over-indulged, over-entitled child. 

In the interests of all people, crypto and meta and tribal should connect. #nohumansleftbehindonphysicalearth. 


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