Staking UBXT on UpBots

Staking UBXT on UpBots

By UpBots | UpBots | 12 Apr 2021

What gives you a better feeling than buying UBXT? How about staking UBXT for some sweet yields! That is pretty sweet, know what is even sweeter? 

Staking UBXT right on UpBots for MORE rewards and options! 

We’ve officially launched our on-platform staking program so now you can feel free to take your UBXT tokens right over to UpBots for some good ol’ stakings. All the enjoyments and benefits of staking can now be found conveniently housed on the platform. 


Staking options

So obviously the star of the show here is UBXT staking. Here you can stake and receive more UBXT through an annualized payout on each block, drawn from a 10M UBXT reward fund.


The second option we have is for UBXT-ETH LP tokens. Perfect for those yield farmers out there who are looking to earn a little extra on their APY. LP stakers will receive these rewards every block, in addition to the APY coming from Uniswap for the commission on transactions. 


As an added bonus, when you stake 10,000 UBXT right on the UpBots platform you’ll earn automatic access to our trading bots! 

Is your mouth salivating yet from all this staking reward talk? Well here’s one more savory detail: there are NO locking periods for on-platform staking! Feel free to put in and take out your UBXT whenever you’d like (0.3% withdrawal fee will be applied)


Effects on FTX staking

Do not feel that you in any way need to immediately unstake from FTX and then stake on our platform. If you are currently staking on FTX it’s alright to keep staking there, but be aware that this staking program ends this August.

Both programs have differences and will run concurrently for now. The rewards and process of staking on UpBots do differ from FTX. 

To learn more about what’s different about the two programs, how to stake on UpBots, and see what we’ll be adding to this feature, refer to the following article


Binance Smart Chain staking?

Without a doubt, we are working to implement UBXT staking for those using the BSC. Considering UBXT is now on PancakeSwap and given the smaller fees associated with conducting transactions, offering this staking option would greatly benefit our users.

The team is currently working to include BSC staking. For now, any UBXT staking must be done using the ETH Mainnet. 

If you’re ready to get your stake on then come jump into UpBots! Don’t own any UBXT yet? See where you can get some. Once you have some UBXT then start the free MVP demo to get started staking.  


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