Winter soldier

A winter soldier

By Homega1.00 | Unspoken Words | 22 Apr 2021


A villain is always determined by people who see or hear stories of a war

But a villain could be a hero in his own story

I battled my wars, made obvious mistakes and I'm still being haunted by them

Seeing flashes of my past mistakes everytime I breath

Dreams are now just recaps of a past life I lived

People looking at me and judging me for who I was, not thinking about what made me do what I did 

Not blaming them for their judging o judge myself too

I could've stopped myself from doing the things I did but then it's too late and I now live to face the consequences 

Everytime I wake from slumber, I remember 

I remember the dreadful mistakes I made

Trying to forgive myself is hard but trying to forget, is impossible 

Now I am a walking mass of regret

Awaiting what every new second brings. 

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Unspoken Words
Unspoken Words

Letting my mind run wild, taking movie characters and expressing the me I see in them.

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