How to create side income to invest in crypto with Redbubble.

By TheNewDarkTimes | CheCoin News | 7 Nov 2020

Disclaimer : I'm not promise you to become rich with this method. But this is a good way for newbies to earn some on the side of their jobs to convert it into crypto. We all love chasing free crypto but some forget that money is money and it's always easier to create an additional income in FIAT and then to buy crypto with it.

Redbubble ? Redbubble is an Australian print on demand company. That's mean you upload your design to their platform, and they will print it on various items as T-shirt, Mug, Bottle, from various location in the world... And then they will ship it to customers. You earn commission on each sales you make. You can choose the percentage you take on it.

The strategy : I'm here to talk about how to make a side income on your free time in addition to a job, everyone can do it. What i have learned with Redbubble is that this is not always the most elaborated design that convert. Unless you have a lot of free time or be unemployed, i strongly advise you to work on simple design. The strategy is about to make quick designs in less than 10 minutes, to upload it for life on the platform, to do few dozens, and to try different niche before stick with one. You can also duplicate your design in different colors to offer more designs choice, or change the quote you put on it...

No skills about it ? Well, go on and pick a monthly plan, they offer often discount. You will download then tons of vector images to work with : you can remix it, you can put some together, whatever provide you license for the use of each design, they are made for it. You can also download any image on google and rework them to appear as a cartoon with various filter on Photoshop, Illustrator, Canva, or Often the image will not be at the best quality at the end of the process but the use of the ''vector magic'' software is incredible for fix that.

Copyright infringement seem not to be a big thing on the Redbubble platform, a lot of spammers spam protected pictures of various brand logos but from time to time Redbubble can freeze your account so be careful about what you are doing. More designs you upload more ranked you are, more traction you get and more sales flow in.

I have uploaded 1 design at the beginning of the lockdown, about the covid19. I got a lot of views but competition on that niche was huge and no sale happened. My mistake was to not upload more designs. Since few weeks i back at it and uploaded around 30 designs in various niches. Things start to take off but i have to be consistent in the next months. You have to find the good balance between the time you put in it and the result you have then. Whatever the amount of design you upload it seem people get the most of their sale in about 3 months. Everything take time but once again your design are here for a lifetime, this is not a passive income, but one day you will maybe reach enough sales amount that you will can let it go for a few months by doing nothing. 

Popular products and niches : profit on stickers can be very small however they seem to be very popular in lot of niche such has Kpop, Vsco, Automotive, Travel... Everything seem saturated ? Not yet. Just go on Twitter, a lot of Meme, internet jokes can be a good source of inspiration. As well, elections, protests, and any popular event are often good occasion to upload successfull designs.

Payout are made by Paypal or Bank Transfer.




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