Some thermal paramotoring as fields turn brown again! 📷

By unipsycho | unipsycho | 18 Apr 2021

Winter is also so long and makes the views in my flying days rather boring, but its great to see the ground turning brown again and some new colors coming back when I'm up in the skies. Had a cool flight catching some ridge lift and my first big thermal lifting me up 240m with no engine use. SWEET!

ac5edf09d12db74fc752014f61bb27b2f830f5108b9948a264e61a8f504d0224.jpgHere's my view of the highwood river, still frozen over, just starting to break up in places.

With the right wind direction, this is a cool little ridge I got to finally practice some soaring at, got a couple passes with very low engine assist rpm as I learn, plus the winds were fairly light, so the lift was also light.

Good lift just at the top of the ridge though. NICE.

Caught my first BIG thermal off these fields heating in the valley below, and was able to gain 240m with no engine assist, I was so stoked!

The lift was pretty great too and a nice wide thermal so was easy to stay inside it and play along the edges. Good times!

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