The Ultimate Guide on Creating Your First NFT on Rarible (And Selling it)

Rarible is a dApp on the Ethereum network that allows artists to create unique Digital Art as Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs), which exist on the Ethereum blockchain. It also provides a marketplace for users and artists to buy and sell different unique digital artwork. 

I have already written a post on buying and selling NFTs on Rarible, which you can find here. In this post, I want to discuss how you can create your own unique digital art NFT, which you can then go on to sell to other users if they feel like it has value.

Let’s get started!

Creating Your First Ever NFT (and putting it up for sale)

First, you need to head over to Rarible and connect your wallet to login. I covered all of this in my previous post so take a look at that if you need some help.

After logging in, its time to start creating your NFT. Hit “Create Collectible” in the top-right hand side;


This will bring up the following screen;


Here, we can create either a single NFT or multiple NFTs of the same kind. If you select Single, you will be creating a unique piece of digital art in which there is only one available. 

On the other hand, if you choose Multiple, you will have the option to create several copies for this digital art. Each of these will be the same digital art piece, but there will only be a selected number of copies available - still making them unique.

In this example, I want to create 5 copies of my digital art, so I will select “Multiple”;


This brings up the following dashboard to allow you to create your NFT. Let me break each section down bit by bit for you.

First off, you need to have your art piece ready. This can be either a .jpg, .png, or even a .gif.

I want to use the following image that I created which is a .jpg;


To do this, simply hit “Choose Image” and select the image from your device;


Once it is uploaded, you should see it in the preview;


The image should show in the “Preview” in Box 1. You can click the “X” icon in Box 2 if you would like to change the image.

Lastly, we need to decide a collection to put this NFT under. You can create your own collection or select the default “Rarible” collection. I will choose the default for this example.

Next up, we need to fill out the rest of the form to create the NFT;


- Box 1 - This is where you can set the name for your Digital Art. I chose to go with “The Real Last Supper” because I was there!
- Box 2 - This is where you can add a description of your art for any prospective buyers. This is optional, but including something here about the art piece will certainly help buyers purchase. It is important to note that you can use Markdown Syntax here to make the display beautiful. There is a cheat sheet for this, which is located here.
- Box 3 - Here is where you enter the number of copies that you would like. I want five copies available for this piece, so I entered ‘5’.
- Box 4 - Here are the royalties you will receive when this piece is sold - forever. If somebody buys this piece and sells it further down the line, you will receive whatever percentage you enter. I’m going with the standard 10%.
- Box 5 - This section is labeled “Properties” and is optional. I am not too sure what this about, so I will leave it blank.
- Box 6 - We need to click this blue button to bring up the pricing fields to enter how much each copy will be priced at.
- Box 7 - This is a special “Unlockable Content” box. Here, you can include any links to a high-resolution image of your art piece if you have it (upload them to Google Drive and include the link). You can also insert a special message here for your buyer or leave it blank.

After clicking the blue button from Box 6, you will see the following;


In Box 1 here, you can set the price in ETH. Box 2 shows you how much you will receive after the service fee has been deducted. You can see that I set the price at 0.06 ETH, and I will receive 0.0585 ETH after the service fee is deducted - around $20.10.

After clicking the blue button in Box 7 from the previous image, you will see the following;


It is here where you can enter the link to your Google Drive high-res image or even just leave a polite message. 

After filling out the entire form, it should look similar to this;


If you are happy with the way everything looks, go ahead and click “Create” to get this NFT minted.

First, you will see this message;


Eventually, the MetaMask window will pop up, asking you to confirm the minting of the token. Set your GAS fee and hit “confirm” (NOTE: remember we are interacting with a smart contract on the Ethereum blockchain here. For this reason, the GAS will be much higher than a typical transaction);


After it has confirmed, you next need to sign the sell order to allow this NFT to be sold. To do this, simply hit “Sign Sell order”;


This will bring up another MetaMask window for you to sign;


Lastly, you need to sign the lock order - for the unlockable content. Simply hit “Sign Lock Order”;


Again, this will bring up another MetaMask window asking you to sign;


Once that is done, you will be redirected to your profile page with the following pop-up asking you to refresh. Hit this button to see your new NFT;


It will refresh the page for you and show the new NFT you created;


As you can see, my NFT titled “The Real Last Supper” has now appeared. The card next to it was the previous NFT I had purchased from another artist in my last tutorial.

That’s all there is to it! Your NFT is now up for sale. You can double-check this by clicking the “On Sale” tab on your profile;


As you can see, it is up for sale for 0.06 ETH. 

You can even search for your username in the search bar to see your NFT displayed for sale;


Eventually, you will also see it in the main marketplace listings;


That is all there is to it!

If you liked this tutorial - maybe you can go ahead and buy my art piece!

Wait, This Doesn’t Make Sense. Can’t People Just Take Screenshots?

I wanted to quickly address a common question that people have when they discuss unique digital art NFTs. 

The main question is, “Can’t People Just Take Screenshots” and have the digital art themselves?

Well, of course, this is certainly true. 

Anybody can take a screenshot of your work for them to be able to keep it themselves for free. This is no different from anybody taking a picture of a famous art painting at an art gallery for them to keep it - or even buying a “print” of the artwork to display in their homes. 

However, the important thing to remember here is that - taking a screenshot or buying a print does not mean it is the original work. 

The original work of a famous artist can sell for millions. Take the following piece of art as an example;


This was recently sold for a record-breaking $450 million at an auction. Now, why would anybody pay so much for a piece of art that they can just buy a print of for under $100?

The answer lies in the fact that Leonardo da Vinci himself painted this particular piece of art. 

It is rare. It is unique. It is one of a kind. Moreover, it is a BEAUTIFUL piece of artwork.

This same concept sticks for Digital Art. 

Sure, you can be that guy and take a screenshot, but that does not mean you own the art piece. You have a COPY of the digital art - not the unique, original work. 

Nobody will buy the screenshot off of you later down the line - it has ZERO resale value. 

On the other hand, if you bought the NFT from the marketplace, you OWN the digital art. 

It is YOURS. 

Depending on how many copies were originally made available, you are one of the sole owners of that particular digital art piece. 

Just like people pay millions for art from famous artists, people will also pay thousands for digital art from famous digital artists. The NFTs act as personalized tokens for that digital artist. By buying the NFT token (and the digital art), you are basically betting that the value of that artist will increase in the future - providing an avenue for you to make a profit down the line.

It is quite important to realize this because I have the feeling that the opportunities to buy NFTs and digital art this early are passing by many people by as they don’t understand why screenshots of digital art have zero value.

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