CARDS: The first insured project accelerator for Cardano launches successfully.


To warm you up for an exciting summer for Cardano, I can bring you some very bullish Cardano-news:

What is CardStarter?

CardStarter is:

  • a unique decentralized accelerator and swapping platform, connecting early stage Cardano innovators with our community of donors, such as early investors and key partners (X21 Digital,...);
  • a cryptocurrency with a maximum supply of 10,000,000 CARDS.

The CardStarter launch platform is "the" place for trusted and vetted teams to gain early project support as well as "the" hub for early adopters and investors to gain early access to projects.

How does the CardStarter Platform work?

The Platform functions using several basic principles:

  • Selective Listings: projects launching on CardStarter are vetted, conform the assurance program;
  • Insurance Fund: the community backing projects are insured against risk of financial loss associated with DeFi exploits and Vaporware and protect their investment capital;
  • CARDS Accelerator: project applicants gain access to the CARD Start Accelerator Program (CAP), benefiting from access to developmental resources;
  • Tokenless Raises: projects can raise capital before they have a deployable contract, using ERC-20 Token Vouchers. The Vouchers include all associated costs that occur when building a project, and will be exchanged 1:1 on Main-net deployment.

What is CARDS' potential?

The CARDS token has a unique utility use-case, serving as an access-point to join the tiered subscription model offering the CARDS-staker access to a free allocation of projects that work within this concept. The coin is already valued at $14 and has a maximum supply of 10,000,000 CARDS, but the guaranteed allocation of coins from new IDO's makes it an ideal investor tool for people who can spare the required staking amount:

  • Deuces: 500 CARDS: Lottery Allocation; Whitelist Requirement: Like, Comment, Tweet; Pool Weight: 0.5x
  • Jacks: 1500 CARDS: Guaranteed Allocation; No Whitelist Requirement, Pool Weight: 1x;
  • Queens: 4500 CARDS: Guaranteed Allocation; No Whitelist Requirement, Pool Weight: 3x;
  • Kings: 9000 CARDS: Guaranteed Allocation; No Whitelist Requirement, Pool Weight: 6x;
  • Aces: Community Contributors (Top Wallets and Top LP Providers): Guaranteed Allocation; No Whitelist Requirement, Pool Weight: 8x;
  • Jokers: Partners: Guaranteed Allocation; No Whitelist Requirement, Pool Weight: Separate Pool.

Part of CARDS' potential is directly attached to the growth of the Cardano ecosystem, which is projected to start growing this summer with the launch of many anticipated projects.

CARDS Tokenomics and current valuations:


At current prices a JACKS-subscription with guaranteed allocation sets you back with 1,500 CARDS or about $21,000 when using a $14 price-tag for 1 CARDS. For me personnel, this is way too expensive.

And at current valuation a fully CARDS network is already valued at $140,000,000. I couldn't find the circulating supply on CoinGecko, so I gave the total value of a total network with 10,000,000 token supply.



Disclaimer: This article is no financial advice.


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