Understanding and calculating money metrics

Understanding and calculating money metrics

Money and investing concepts, calculating them, and even some code for those interested.

What is money and how is it printed? Different perspectives. The monetary Iceberg

13 May 2023 39 minute read 0 comments DrRice

If you have wandered or perhaps fallen down the crypto rabbit hole, you might find yourself trapped in the echo chamber of sentiments such as the imminent collapse of the fiat system, the downfall of the US dollar as a world reserve currency and the...

Short term plans - feedback wanted

16 Mar 2023 2 minute read 0 comments DrRice

I am working on a series of articles, and have been studying and reading my way around the topic for several months now, collecting more resources and fleshing out my knowledge. Sam Kazemian of Frax Finance believes stablecoins will become intrinsic...

Gold vs Bitcoin and tokenized commodities

26 Feb 2023 11 minute read 0 comments DrRice

InvestAnswers on Youtube has said that there is around 100x the amount of paper gold in circulation compared to the real bullion gold supply. The 'paper' versions merely track the price, offering exposure to volatility rather than genuine custody. Th...