The Path To Fame- I Joined The Rising Star Game

By Plint | Understandable Crypto | 8 Dec 2021

So those of you that know me know that I try almost any blockchain game under the sun. And of course I like telling you what my experiences are.

This time I decided to try out a game on the Hive blockchain: Rising Star


Becoming a Super Star

The idea is simple: you are a beginning musician that wants to become a rock star! But that path is long and full of obstacles of course. You start of playing illegally on the streets while you dream of making it big.

The setup of the game (still in beta) is pretty simple. You have a character, can play missions to gain fans, experience and Startbits, the in-game currency.

With those starbits you can get cards (NFTs) that will help you advance your musical career. With those cards you can also add bandmembers to your band to advance your career.

Rising star has actually been around for a while already, but I have managed only just now to hear from it. It has quite an active community here on hive.

Why I like it

I have tried lots of games and many of them I didn't like (like the new Alien Worlds, seriously stay away). But I like Rising Star! Why?

  • You can play it without initial investments. A big plus I think. I was thinking the other day of starting a game, but it required a starting capital of $700 of ETH, ehm no thank you.
  • It has an easy interface and doesn't require a ton of information to be processed by you. I hate games that require you to spend at least a month studying how to play
  • It has good rewards and a good community. I like that it incorporates NFT's as well, making it an interesting game to play.

I will keep you up to date on what I think of it. But try it out! If you want to use my referral go here

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Understandable Crypto
Understandable Crypto

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