Earned 1 BCH ($450) This Year By Using Noise and Read Cash

By Plint | Understandable Crypto | 29 Dec 2021

I have been on a mission in 2021 to make as much crypto as possible from blogging. I joined Hive first which has been a great source of income. About 6 months ago I also joined noise.cash and read.cash and I made good money from it!

What Are Noise and Read?

Both read.cash and noise.cash work on the BCH network. Bitcoin Cash is a hard fork of Bitcoin that has focused on fast transaction speed. Both platforms aims at people interacting with each other and being rewarded in BCH.


Read Cash focuses on blogging, so people write articles. If you're interested check it out: https://read.cash/r/Plint


Noise is read's little brother and is basically Twitter with BCH. It is all about short messages you share and channels you can talk to like minded people. If you want to try it go: https://noise.cash/u/plints

My Earnings


So in the past six months I made 1 full BCH with a current value of around $450. My earnings were about 50/50 on Noise and Read and are actually still increasing as we speak. The hardest part was the beginning but after warming up I now make around $70 a month on both platforms.

A side effect is that I also really enjoy both platforms, found a nice group of people to discuss things I enjoy in life with so that is nice!

Looking Ahead

So of course the year is almost out and I have earned my first BCH, so the obvious question is: what next?

The truth is I haven't quite figured it out. I could continue to go the way I am now: putting all the funds into Celsius and make some money on staking. But I could also do different things, like putting it in a different token to diversify my portfolio. But the big question then of course is: what am I going to put it in? There are some contestants: Ethereum, Solana, BTC, Polygon....

Anyway until I figure out what to do it will just go in Celsius. What would you advice to do? Would love to hear!

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Understandable Crypto
Understandable Crypto

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