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Stacking sats is a walk in the park with the sMiles app... literally

By Uncryptic | Uncryptic Crypto | 4 Nov 2020

As part of my ongoing attempt to introduce crypto into every area of my life, I've been testing out the sMiles app - which rewards you in Bitcoin just for walking. Here are my initial impressions.

I walk several miles a day, and until now I've been using the geomining app COIN to make some crypto while doing so. But there are a few drawbacks to COIN - not least that it is a massive battery hog. So over the past couple of days I have been testing out an alternative: sMiles. This is not a geomining app but does allow you to, as the blurb says:

"Get rewarded in Bitcoin for walking, running, biking, playing games, and watching videos."

Or to put it more succintly, "Earn Bitcoin for things you already do".

The sMiles app, available for both iOS and Android, is currently in early access - public beta if you like. I am an iPhone user, so immediately after completing the early access request form I was prompted to download TestFlight (Apple's official beta testing app) and then install sMiles. The process sounds more complicated than it actually is, and all went smoothly. Registering and completing a few simple actions bagged me my first 150 sats as a kind of welcome bonus.

Unlike COIN, sMiles' earning potential is the same whether it is running in the background or foreground (COIN's 'background rewards' feature is both time limited and less lucrative). But what is that earning potential? Well, the info given in the app suggests that walking will bag you a rather measly 10 sats a mile:

Daily earnings in sMiles

At current exchange rates, that would equate to 722 miles to the dollar! However when I tested the app out with a brisk walk in a woodland park this morning, I hit 200 sats in around four miles. So the real rate of earning, at least at the moment, is nearer the 50 sats-per-mile mark, or 144 miles to the dollar.

That's the good news - the bad news is that daily earnings per user are currently capped at 200 sats per day (actually up from 100 sats per day prior to 10 October). Unsurprisingly then, the public daily leaderboard shows an awful lot of users with earnings of 200 sats:

200 sats per day

But if you are already walking four or more miles a day, you can just run this app in the background and pick up those 200 sats with no additional work - so it's definitely worth doing. Over the course of the year that would equate to 73,000 sats (though I suspect that both the rate per mile and the daily earnings cap will change when the app comes out of early access, if not before). You could probably even run something like COIN in the foreground and sMiles in the background - double bubble.

Withdrawal symptoms

When it comes to withdrawing your sats, sMiles makes use of Bitcoin's Lightning Network payment protocol (if you don't know what this is, earn a few sats with something like Sats 4 Likes and then transfer them to a Lightning wallet like Wallet of Satoshi - you'll be impressed).

However withdrawal is only possible when you have earned 10,000 sats:

Send sats in sMiles

This is not a technical limitation of Lightning but just a product design decision by the sMiles team. It does however mean that it will take me the best part of two months to earn enough sats to test out the withdrawal feature. Again, as this is an early access app, I am preparing myself for the possibility that I may never be able to withdraw my sats.

The sMiles app does have some other sat-stacking features, including polls, games and videos. None of the polls met my profile, I am not one for gambling games, and the videos are 'coming soon', so I will stick to walking for the time being. I'd better put my best foot forward...

I haven't written this with the aim of picking up any referrals - more because I haven't seen any other articles about it on Publish0x yet. But if you do check out the sMiles app, feel free to use my referral code and bag me a princely 100 additional sats: jamesdanielclark176

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