BlockFi: Changes to BTC and ETH Tiers Effective 01APR2021

By Username12 | UN12 money | 24 Mar 2021

Yesterday I published and article about BlockFi and how it's a good starting point for beginners to start to grow their wealth in a relatively safe manner.  Last night as I was putting my kids to bed I noticed I had received an email from them stating there was an update to their interest rates.  Here's a copy of the email for you to read yourself.

BlockFi Rate Change 01APR21


For many who are new to cryptocurrency and are just getting started this will have no effect on them what-so-ever. No other coin interest rates are affected by this rate change so stable coins will continue to generate 8.6% APY.  Litecoin, Chainlink and PAXG rates are unaffected as well.


For those of you who have been around longer, or have larger amounts, then this will mean that BlockFi might not be the right platform to utilize.  If I held more than 1BTC  or 100ETH I'd park an amount just under the limit for the Tier 1 rates into the account to act as a safety net while I used other avenues to generate passive wealth more efficiently.


**disclaimer**  Nothing in this post should be construed as financial advice.  These are my opinions, and they're worth what you paid for them.  

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UN12 money
UN12 money

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