A love that is just beginning and today there are three

By JunikoPacheco | Un Mundo Para YuLz | 3 Mar 2022

A paper heart, a line written backwards,Feelings I barely knew yesterdayhappiness in front and you at my feet,last time, repeat until you believe it,but today you will do the same thing you did yesterday,I find a bonfire and ashes on your skin,a love that is just beginning and today there are three,you have ended my worldlike Willy promoting NFT'S,an act of cowardice that you can't understand,a boring novel advertised on a billboard.A drizzly night through the streets of San Juan,a girl walks, not knowing where to stop,a shelter appears, floating above the sea,bad decisions are disguised as kindness,her good intentions have left her behind,you started so nice and ended so bad,I wish justice didn't have to weigh,I carry my life and my life doesn't suit me,I carry the doubt, and for certain I know nothing.

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Un Mundo Para YuLz
Un Mundo Para YuLz

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