What it's like mining with a legendary tool in Alienworlds

By UltraDec | Alienworlds | 3 Oct 2021

If you aren't bothered to read fully through this then here is the short version: It isn't special.

I would like to start with a quick flex of my legendary tool :)


As some of you may know I'm a FTP Alienworlds player who started around March/April and have taken part in other projects related to WAX such as R-Planet and Green Rabbit. I've used a variety of tools over the last 6 months from abundant to legendary, with the top 3 being Processing Ring, Causian Attractor, and (currently) Exlian Staff. With a TLM mining power of 10 and NFT luck of 6, the Exlian Staff is an 'all rounder' of a tool, however, that 6 NFT luck is obviously redundant now that NFT mining has been 'paused' for the last 3+ months. I purchased it on the 25th of May and I will admit that for a period of time it did very well for me, yielding high amounts of TLM and I would often get NFTs (by often I mean multiple each day).


That all changed.

To simply demonstrate what a legendary tool gets you, let me give a visual representation using a mine I did while typing this up:


Yes. That's right.

0.0564 TLM from my 'efforts'

Not 5.64 (admittedly it has been a long time since that was possible)

Not 0.564



Here is my set-up and chosen land for reference:



So I will now go ahead do a bit of Q&A with myself:


Q: Do you think it's worth buying a legendary tool?

A: No. I do not. Not anymore.


Q: If it isn't worth it anymore then why haven't you sold it?

A: Because honestly even though it sucks I still think it's a cool NFT to have and it is always a nice flex.


Q: Do you ever get more than 0.0564?

A: Occasionally I do get more than 0.1 in a mine but it is a very rare occurrence.


If there are any other questions I'm more than happy to answer them in the comments but that's all from me for now. To simply recap what I said: I don't think legendary tools are worth it anymore. This is not only a result of the low yield, but also the state of the game as a whole, something I go into in more detail here.

Anyway thanks for reading, hope you got something out of it!



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