The Tragic Decline of AlienWorlds

By UltraDec | Alienworlds | 2 Oct 2021

I would like to start by saying that this is all my opinion and it is quite possible that I have been misinformed or have missed out on some information so please don't hate on me if I'm wrong or you disagree but rather share your opinion. I would also like to confirm that this is not hate on Alienworlds or the developers, I still have hope for the game and do believe that it can turn things around. Anyway, the reality from my perspective is as follows:

As somebody who spent no actual money on crypto, Alienworlds proved to be an outstanding place to start since it got me TLM (which I converted into wax) and NFTs. Unfortunately, playing the game now will result in getting very low amounts of TLM, and NFT mining has been removed, making a fraction of a TLM the only possible thing to gain. While I understand that the pool has been stretched thinner as the game became more popular, it seems hard to justify putting time and CPU into it when NFT mining is gone.

As well as being an Alienworlds player, I'm also active in many discord communities and despite not being in the Alienworlds discord very often, I do peek in every so often when I get pinged. As pointed out by some members in the discord, it is irritating to see the developers seemingly spending all of their time on minor games like trivia and marbles while not giving any updates on the game itself. As an example, it has been months since NFT mining was "paused". NFT mining is one of the most important parts of the game and it has been taken out for months essentially making Alienworlds a TLM faucet which doesn't make it much of a game.

Unlike other games such as Green Rabbit, Alienworlds doesn't seem to be informing its community as well as it has no updated or new roadmaps or any information about upcoming updates meanwhile Green Rabbit is constantly releasing roadmap updates and announcing updates to the game itself (as can be seen by its new marketplace and crafting features).

Overall I'm just hoping that Alienworlds can up its game so it doesn't get left even further behind other projects which all seem to be developing and improving.

I'd love to hear other people's opinions in the comments!



P.S I just went onto the Alienworlds website and saw this which made me chuckle since I can't really 'find' NFTs anymore can I


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