Low mining yields in Alien Worlds? Here's why.

By UltraDec | Alienworlds | 2 Jun 2023

For months I'd given up on Alien Worlds. Honestly, I should've looked into it sooner but I'm lazy so I just accepted that I was mining 0.0014 TLM or 0.0019 TLM or 0.0013 TLM each time. Why? Well, I just assumed Alien Worlds had been raided by bots and now the TLM pool was stretched so thin that mining wasn't worthwhile. I would like to briefly note that this was using an Exlian Staff and Causian Attractor ($500+ USD setup) so this was, dare I say, a pathetic return. Simply put, was hard to be thrilled about getting $0.00002 every 30mins. I also noticed that I wasn't generating NFT Points anymore but I didn't think much of this, I was more bothered by the lack of TLM.

As it turns out, bots were indeed the problem... Just not in the way I thought. I had been flagged as a bot. Blacklisted. I don't know why, but I had been blacklisted.

Thankfully, fixing it was easy which leaves me wondering why I hadn't considered this sooner. For anyone else with the same issue, here are the steps to resolve the issue:

1. Go to this link or go to the support channel in the AlienWorlds Discord server and ask for the link to submit a ticket if you don't trust random links (I don't blame you).

2. Fill in your details explaining that you believe you have been flagged as a bot and request that they look into your account (you will have given your wallet address higher up in the ticket form).

3. Wait for a response and pray for it to be good. The response should come as an email to whichever email address you provide them in the ticket link.

4. Get mining and enjoy the proper rewards!

Since getting my account unblacklisted I haven't mined any less than 1.4 TLM in a single mine which makes it much more worthwhile and I hope it works out the same for anyone else with this issue.

Thanks for reading and happy mining!

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