Is there hope for Alienworlds after all?

By UltraDec | Alienworlds | 7 Oct 2021

Anybody who still plays Alienworlds will have undoubtedly seen the changes made today. To summarise there was a major change to the game's UI (user interface) which not only made it look different, but also came with functionality changes. From personal experience, I have found that mining is much better than before. Anyone that was mining before today would have noticed that you would often get stuck on various screens or it would "fail to fetch" but after the update, I haven't had any of those issues. It takes no more than 30 seconds for me to mine each time and mining has a 100% success rate for me. Here is a screenshot showing the new design:


While it has undoubtedly been a long time since we've seen any progress/development in the Alienworlds metaverse, it is good to see such a large improvement to the game. It also gives hope to people who put money into the game that there is still hope for it. Whether or not it's too late to save the game is too hard to say, but it's certainly a step in the right direction, and the team deserves respect and to be commended for that.


There's more.

While participating in trivia a few days ago I was informed that NFT mining should be making a return in the coming weeks. I will probably write a separate article going over this but it is definitely something to look forward to. While the UI updates might make the game smoother and prettier, it will no doubt have less of an impact than the return of NFT mining. As a pivotal part of the game, I simply don't believe that Alienworlds can survive without its return is definitely another step in the right direction.

With so much happening with Alienworlds right now I do believe that there is hope for it to bounce back from the past few months which were quite disappointing. I recommend to anybody that quit the game recently that they give it another go with the new UI because it undoubtedly fixed one of the main issues with the game (mining not working).

Thanks for reading and stay tuned for another article about the return of NFT mining :)


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