Bitcoin channels are dead on Youtube


Google has recently updated its Core algorithm-and by doing so has stopped millions of Bitcoin-related videos from reaching viewers

What is shadowbanning?

Shadowbanning refers to limiting the number of people that can access a certain video, webpage or document. After that, a search won't bring up the said material anymore and only a direct link will let you see the content. 

Why did Google do this?

It isn't actually clear why Google suddenly shadowbanned Bitcoin channels. One possible theory is that Google doesn't like the concept of cryptocurrency and therefore wants to limit viewers(I'm looking at you, Brave). This is because companies like Google rely on big data to earn revenue through advertising and various other sources. 

What will happen next?

Various YouTube channels have said that although they like YouTube, they may have to move elsewhere if the restrictions continue. They say that since cryptocurrencies are decentralized and not censorable, they shouldn't be banned.


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