Earn free money in the comfort of your own home.

How to earn FREE INCOME and save A TON OF MONEY right at your desk

Hey everybody! In this post I will be going over the top methods of earning money, from best to worst(the worst is still in the top 5!)

#1 Buying cryptocurrency

Surprisingly, buying cryptocurrency is a smart move. Cryptocurrency is a deflationary currency, meaning that the price will always go up in the long term. In just 10 years, cryptocurrency has multiplied so many times in value. Consider 2010. That was the year when Laszlo Hanyecz spent 10,000 bitcoins for just 2 pizzas($45). At this rate, bitcoin may very well be on its path to reaching $1,000,000. So just head over to a well-known exchange and buy a little crypto! It's that simple. 

#2 Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate Marketing is when a seller gives an individual or group a small commission for them to promote the seller's product. Naturally, sellers will want to promote their products and so there is fierce competition among sellers to provide the highest rates to promoters. Most affiliate marketing sites are in the form of review sites, where the site reviews a product and then urges you to click a link that then gives the reviewer a commission, and the seller profit. It's a win-win, so no wonder this method of earning is so popular. The affiliate marketing industry was worth a whopping $12 BILLION dollars in 2019. So why not become an earner? Create a website, convince people to buy a product or service, and wallah! You earn money. Some people are known to earn a living being a marketer. 

#3 Ads

One of the most annoying ways to monetize content is also one of the most popular. Ads are now everywhere. They are so popular partly by the fact that they are so cheap. Advertisers buy ad spots in the millions and pay a proportionally small amount. Some websites purposely constrain their text so that there is more room for ads. But this strategy is not reliable. Adblocker usage is on the rise, and some people will even go so far as to try to circumvent the adblocker detector of a website. So ad websites are now slowly turning into affiliate marketing websites.

#4 Using cashback programs

Cashback programs are REALLY popular nowadays. Examples are Honey and Fold. So how the cashback programs work is that the seller pays the cashback program to advertise itself. The cashback program then gives a portion of that commission to you. This basically advertises the seller and the seller can now expect more purchases from you. So this time, it's a three way win. Nobody misses out. And if you haven't installed a cashback, I strongly urge you to now. We don't usually notice how much we spend online, but it is a lot. And getting cashbacks could save you a LOT of money over the course of a year.


And that's it guys! Those are the top 4 ways to earn/save money that I know of. Please consider tipping if you liked this article!


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Ultimate guide to earn money
Ultimate guide to earn money

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