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By Larszig | Larszig | 2 Mar 2021

Social media has become more trending in the last ten years. More and more platforms are created and the competition becomes high.

These social media might not gain its popularity if cell phones weren't invented. Eventually hand held devices have been upgraded to meet the people's demands. Not only that, some companies are building low budget smartphones with a good quality for average people.

Few decades ago, the internet was invented. There were social media platforms that exist like Yahoo with YM, Friendster and Multiply to name but a few. However those platforms have limited users only as the internet fee back in the days were expensive and only business establishments and schools are the ones using it the most.

Friendster was once a trending social media platform back then, however users are being limited to use it due to availability of internet connection. Particularly those developing countries with places that have limited access or no internet access at all. They can use the internet only if they will go to their schools or offices located in cities.

With the development of smartphones, social media becomes at least the main goal of cellphone companies. It connects people more conveniently even from far places around the world. Of course the internet has always been the root of all the activities of people interacting through different social media platforms.

When Facebook existed, it was like the Friendster killer. Facebook has gained more attention to the public. It was like, coincides at the right time when android phones and similar devices are selling over the market.




It’s funny that some common people when asked about buying a smartphone, their reason was for the purposes of facebooking. However we should take into consideration that by means of this social media, people can connect to their families and relatives and for the most part people can even find their long lost families.

Authorities also have found a way on how to solve crimes by utilizing these social media platforms. 

However some people are consumed by these social and have forgotten about privacy.  They wanted to show almost everything on the platform without realizing the dangers it could bring to other people and to themselves as well. Social media platforms have been abused and used in the wrong way. 

Different issues arise because of irresponsible social media users. Cyber bullying is one common problem other than pornography and account security. Another problem is that more and more minors are using these social media platforms without proper guidance from their parents.

Some business minded people make the use of these social media platforms. They integrated their businesses with social media to attract customers. 

As the internet becomes easy to access, smartphone companies also create more handheld devices that meet the demands of every social media user.  Different social media platforms exist, mostly platforms that pay its users for every post. TSU, STEEMIT, LYKA, and Publish0x are just a few of the legit platforms that earn money.

With the existence of these platforms that pays for every post, social media users are becoming wiser. In fact most students and housewives prefer to use these platforms and post less to the non paying social media platform. 

However these non paying social media platforms can be used to promote our accounts with the platform that pays. This is the good side that users are now doing. They just need to be cautious as some platforms are strict with site rules and this could lead to a ban from the site.

So far this is just a few of my own views and insights about the internet and social media. Some just don’t realize how powerful the internet has become these days. 

Blockchain was the next big thing that happened in the world of the internet.  

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