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By Larszig | Larszig | 7 Mar 2021


If you happen to be one of my subs from the time I posted my first article here you might notice that I am not posting more about Cryptocurrency.

The reason is that I have no idea about how Cryptocurrencies work and my knowledge about it was very limited, I just based my learning on the internet. 

I don’t know about buying and selling crypto coins or maybe because my daily bread is more important to me than trading with any top ten crypto currency.

I have seen a lot of influencer posting or sharing about crypto trading. I want to give it a try but you know i am always skeptical of anything particular when it involves cashing out your investment. That makes me less of a risk taker.

Only in 2015 when I started to register for a crypto wallet but never did I use it until I finally saw another inspiring video about bitcoins in 2019. So I logged in to my sleeping crypto wallet and was surprised that it has 0.001 BTC. It’s more or less $40.

I feel excited because I haven't done anything since I registered at Since then I started looking ways on the internet on how to earn bitcoin. Somehow I found websites and apps where to earn bitcoin. I tried games, farming, faucet and even gambling for a small amount. However earning bitcoin is kind of hard if you just rely on those i mentioned. Unless you become a full time online crypto trader that would come easy.

Suddenly I stumbled upon a website that pays it’s users with crypto coins BCH (Bitcoin cash) and it’s none other than Upon registering I read about their site rules and started posting my articles. Right after receiving a tip from the robot I tested sending my accumulated BCH to my wallet and to my surprise it was real.

From then on I continued posting my articles there and somehow earned BCH without any struggle.

Earning BCH thru is now the center of my extra earning. It is like passive income and adding their new platform makes it more exciting for me.

I am looking forward to one day, I will be trading crypto coins. I know most of my virtual friends there know a lot more of crypto coins than me. It really is inspiring seeing them post an article about crypto. But I feel like I am left far behind. It’s never too late anyway. 

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