Wanna be a Content Moderator :- Uhive is hiring.

By Mankoo | CroptoManiac ! | 12 Aug 2022

Oh well first of all, your question will be what's Uhive is?

Then in simple words, it's the world’s first social metaverse which is built on decentralisation and pays back to its users whatever they do the same things on the traditional social media network through its built in economics insight. 

Ooh well, if you wanna be a Content Moderator then you firstly join the Uhive through Code ZUH8VT for the extra bonus, then you can apply for the moderator post. Where you have to moderate anyone post under certain circumstances, whether its in the right category, do you think that this should be appear in the top list? Means some basic question about the post.


And you have to do the comments about as a moderator about the post. By the way its optional whether would you like to comment the special things about that which may be your personal opinion too to bring the contentor a positive mindset. 

What's the main objective of the Moderator? 

Moderation simply means to put the right thing in front of the users with the great quality content in the highest order. And quality content get the opportunity to be on the top, and its all should be possible through the moderator inside the application. 

What's the benifit of moderator, let's leave it on me, and if you are  more excited then join the mission and get to know the benifits of it.

If you still have any doubts regarding it, you are most welcome to put your ideas on it. And don't forget to use the Code ZUH8VT for the extra bonus. 

If you would like to connect with my other social network then you are most welcome 


As I have already mentioned about above it and If you haven't joined yet then just go to playstore or istore and land in the decentralized social metaverse and don't forget to use the code ZUH8VT for the bonus.

Twitter alternative which is powered by Bitcoincash network as you will be paid out the same things as you do in the twitter.

We can just say the other sites like our publish0x community where your blog will be sponsored and tipped in Bitcoincash.

Thank you. 

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CroptoManiac !

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