Tired Of Getting Unwanted post? Let's join Social metaverse Now.

By Mankoo | CroptoManiac ! | 30 Jul 2022

Yes, you hearing it right, if you have got tired form the unwanted posts from the traditional social media. Then I would like to suggest you that you should quite as soon as possible and join the Web 3.0 project which are paying back to your valuable time.


Let's have tour of the world first social metaverse i.e Uhive (A decentralized social metaverse) which is fully run on the decentralized network and the most interesting features which I love there is the DeMo i.e Decentralized Moderation, means all the post that anywill post will go through the community moderation and on the basis of it. It would be placed in the following scrolling sections.
And the second things about its the built in cyclic economy inside which pays back revenue to the users who are the real owners of this great project.


Third things which I like most is that its built in #nft listing market places where millions of users are already buying and listing their digital artworks there. If you are digital artist and would like to list your digital art then you are most welcome in the marketplace of the Uhive, whee millions of users are waiting for your valuable arts and earn the revenue for the lifetime.

And if you are fond of digital art then many of the users are selling for your favourite interest.


And so on, if I will start to disclose then the words limit of this publish0x will be end but its features will not.
So again I would like suggest just leave the traditional social metaverse and join the revolution now.

If you would like to connect with my other social network then you are most welcome 


As I have already mentioned about above it and If you haven't joined yet then just go to playstore or istore and land in the decentralized social metaverse and don't forget to use the code ZUH8VT for the bonus.

Twitter alternative which is powered by Bitcoincash network as you will be paid out the same things as you do in the twitter.

We can just say the other sites like our publish0x community where your blog will be sponsored and tipped in Bitcoincash.

Thank you. 

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CroptoManiac !
CroptoManiac !

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