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By Mankoo | CroptoManiac ! | 26 Jul 2022

What's do you expect from the social metaverse, leave it whatever you are thinking about the metaverse Uhive is giving more than that, still you are using the traditional way of social media, why?


As I always used to say that nowadays, every act of yourself can be monetized, what's do you need is that you have to be attainive towards it, so that you can utilise most of your time in improving your economical condition.


Let's say for the example, you used to spend your times in watching reels or shorts or the scrolling down the unwanted content of that social media. And which can't pay back to your precious time, then why are you still waiting for it. Let's change your thinking and Join Uhive : Social Metaverse, which is Decentralized and pays pack to the everything you do there.

You will not get any advertisement as well as unwanted post as the all posts all community moderated. And which is powered by the own CryptoCurrency named HVE2 and many more to explore there and you will get paid for the everything.

Lemme know if you have any problem or question regarding it..

If you would like to connect with my other social network then you are most welcome 


As I have already mentioned about above it and If you haven't joined yet then just go to playstore or istore and land in the decentralized social metaverse and don't forget to use the code ZUH8VT for the bonus.

Twitter alternative which is powered by Bitcoincash network as you will be paid out the same things as you do in the twitter.

We can just say the other sites like our publish0x community where your blog will be sponsored and tipped in Bitcoincash.

Thank you. 

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CroptoManiac !
CroptoManiac !

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