UHIVE the new era of social networking

You Create it, Now Own It!

A New Kind of Social Network


Own the Experience

We don’t stop at content ownership - we want you to take ownership of the entire Uhive experience. You’re able to select the type of content you see, engage with and follow, using Uhive’s propriety AI engine, creating an experience entirely customised by you, not an advertiser’s agenda.

No Censorship

A social network’s content moderation should be decentralized, not a small group acting as judge, jury and content-executioner. We created the world’s first decentralized content moderation platform (DeMo) that means millions of you are in control, not us.

A Value-Based Social Network

Our financial ecosystem is powered by the Uhive Token (HVE2), our very own cryptocurrency. This allows users to tip creators, send P2P transactions, create paywalls, buy awards, and digital assets like NFTs, by setting their own prices, without any impediment from a financial institution.

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uhive social network
uhive social network

About us: Social networks flood users’ feeds with hidden agendas, which is the result of auctioning off their data to the highest bidder. Uhive is an entirely different type of social network - we leverage our own cryptocurrency - Uhive Token HVE2 - to create revenue streams that include peer-to-peer transactions, the sale of NFTs, and interest-based advertising, as well as the sale of in-app digital assets, so that a user’s privacy is never compromised in the name of profit.

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