UFO Gaming Super Galactic

UFO Gaming - Super Galactic

By Stewby_Doobz | Gaming P2E | 17 Jan 2022

Hello all and thanks for coming to read. First post here so I will try and be thorough but efficient and any feedback is great! 

Want to talk about UFO Gaming and Super Galactic - https://ufogaming.io/

Super Galactic

This is something I'm super excited about. I started getting on the UFO train about 3 months ago or so. From what I understand, UFO gaming is going to be it's own P2E realm with Super Galactic being its first game release. The release of super galactic is suppose to come in Q1 this year.  UFO gaming will have it's own dark metaverse where you can buy land.  In the game super galactic you'll be able to purchase NFT characters and breed them, kinda like Axie Infinite.  As of the moment it hasn't been released yet, but from what I understand to get started playing you'll need a character.  Early characters can be obtained by staking UFO (Ufo gaming currency) into their staking Dapp (which hasn't been released yet).  Once you stake your UFO you will earn plasma.  Plasma can then be used to buy NFT characters.  For more information check out the white paper here: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1C94iqeKcePS-C9jrxEcfgym9ycXgBsx2/view .  Below I also took a few important snapshots of info thought you might enjoy.  Hope this helps!  Also Ufo gaming is going to make more types of games! This is first of many and early opportunity to jump on the band wagon!  I'm hooked! 

UFO Super Galactic Staking info

Character Rating

Character Rating

Character Origins


2022 Outlook


If you sign up early you can be part of the beta.  Also you join the discord group, you have chances at getting UFOrrency which in turn can be used to get raffle prizes. Some of the raffle prizes are: 1 Tesla, 4 Alienware computer desktops, and 20 collectibles (NFT characters that they make and will ship to you).


Thanks for reading and ask me if you have any questions if I don't know I'll try and find out.  I'm not a financial advisor.

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Gaming P2E
Gaming P2E

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