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Rollercoin - Introduction and My Journey

By Stewby_Doobz | Gaming P2E | 19 Jan 2022


Hello and thanks for coming to read!  First and foremost for those that don't quite understand rollercoin let me explain a little bit.  Rollercoin is an online mining simulator - sign up for an account and you can start playing minigames to increase mining power for free!  Earning crypto for free.  Now the earnings just from playing games isn't anything to go and retire.  If you play a little every day you can keep constant power and consistent earnings while you can choose to split power from several currencies. To get started earning free crypto click this link: By clicking the link you'll get 1,000 free satoshi! 

You split mining power between 6 different cryptos: RLT (native coin), Bitcoin, Ethereum, Binance, Polygon (MATIC), or DOGE (picture below)



  • Total of 11 minigames.  All take around 30-60 seconds to complete.  Difficulty increases as you level up in a game.  The game also has a cool down so you can't just keep licking play and playing one repetitively.
  • Minigames at the start of season III as I understand it, they introduced drops after completing a game and 50% likelihood of receiving one.
    • There are 24 hr power increases

Free power hold on game  Free power  

  • Receiving free RLT (native token in game)
  • Free Parts (fans, hashboards, and wires - all of which have levels too within game- common, rare, and legendary.  These can be used to merge miners to create more power).
  • Free miner - doesn't happen often but I've received about 4 in a 2 weeks time.  You can merge two of the same miner for more power.
  • You can advance your PC power by playing games.  I've got my currently on the max one and didn't take much to get it (think like 60 games and playing some every day).
  • They have season passes.  I just started and so they're on they're III season (Christmas).  You can earn free rewards by completing daily task.
    • You can also purchase additional pass options and get additional miners, power, and RLT.

Computer Power

Power info below:


Earning money in the Game / Buying Power

  • As mentioned before you can start earning money now by playing games for free and receiving 24 hr power.
    • By playing for free you can also have a chance at getting a free dropped miner.
  • Using your referral link - which will earn you cool rewards! See picture for details (below).

Referral Program Details

  • Miners then can be placed into your room to increase your mining power and also stay on forever.  Like mentioned before the power gained from a game played only last 24 hrs.  However, once a miner is placed it continuously mines at the hashrate it's rated at.  Below is a picture of my room and you can see my miners.  

My room 


  • 12 of them I got from the Christmas season loot box.  1 I purchased as a weekly deal.  3-4 received as drops and I've merged two one time. 
    • By merging you increase your mining power as mentioned before.
    • You free up more rack space for potential miners
    • You create a more powerful, rare miner that can later be sold in the marketplace.
  • Miners can be purchased with seasonal loot box deal.  Right now each one cost 10.00 RLT.  Isn't too bad. 
  • Miners can also be purchased with weekly releases they have, but they go super fast (picture below).  If I remember correctly, from left to right they went as the following price 20 RLT, 22 RLT, and 28 RLT.  I bought the last one :)

Weekly Miner Offers

My current power

My Power


My Thoughts

I'm definitely going to keep playing.  They're going to release season IV soon, which will bring the marketplace.  Once marketplace comes, from what I understand, parts won't be able to be purchased like you can in the game now and for the price they are now.  Players can then start selling the parts they have to other players.  They can start selling miners to other players (remember what I was saying before about more rare miners/ miners that have good hashrates.  These may be sold for a lot later on.  I'm going to keep investing a little here and there and play a bit.  Gameplay super easy, but recommend on PC for best performance. 

Let me know your thoughts if you're actively playing or if you just get started.  Also hit me up for questions and I'll try and do my best.

Use this link today, it's my referral link and you'll get 1,000 free satoshi (0.00000001 BTC) :


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