EOS Dividends: how to claim?

EOS is a successful cryptocurrency with a market cap of billions of dollars. If you hold EOS, you were definitely thinking about how to increase the amount you have, how to get dividends out of it. It does have not only tremendous use cases such as the horizontal and vertical scaling of decentralised applications but also big opportunities for passive income or crypto dividends. Crypto dividend is an example of passive income, which can be earned by holding the cryptocurrency. Let us explain and describe how crypto dividends can be earned using the example of EOS.


Understanding and getting EOS dividends is simple. You invest in a project and this project shares its platform profit with you. All you need to have is the project’s token. Hold this token on the appropriate site and you will get gaily EOS dividends. You can find such projects on the Cryptodividend site.

The idea of getting EOS dividends is simple. You invest in the project, project shares platform profit with you. All you need is to have project’s token, hold it in the project and get gaily EOS dividends. You can find such as projects on site.

EOS dividends are particularly prevalent on gaming websites. These companies allow users to invest their cryptocurrency, with users taking home a share of the website profit made from day-to-day. You can be almost completely certain that you will make a profit in the long-term because such gaming websites offer a wide range of casino-style games such as bitcoin dice or crash betting that are extremely profitable. This kind of investment can be compared to buying a share in a company, but better.

The rate of return on your investment is also high if this method is used. And in fact, you can easily compare gaming websites and calculate your profits in advance using the resource Cryptodividend. The website is updated very often and shows all the major gaming sites offering this free EOS. Trust is important when investing in any site like this, and the sites mentioned have thousands of users daily and very reputable brands.

CryptoDividend clearly gives its #1 website as TrustDice. It offers a wide variety of games such as EOS Dice and crypto Crash. The most obvious reason for its number one ranking is a large number of prize-filled contests, as well as the bonuses it frequently gives out to all of its members.

All that needs to be done to take advantage of the “Dividend” method is to sign up to TrustDice. This is completely free and does not require any sort of verification. Then obtain some of TrustDice’s own token TXT, through exchanges like Bgogo and Newdex. This TXT should then be deposited into your Trustdice/EOS accounts. Once you have TXT, go here, read about our rules, and invest! You will receive eos dividends on a regular basis, although you will not be able to use this TXT for the duration it is invested. You also keep one hundred percent of your original investment and can withdraw it once the allocated time is over!

The average return monthly is close to 10%, ridiculously high when compared to the more well known “EOS Staking” method.

EOS staking gives you, on average, 0.15% monthly returns on the “staked” amount, which cannot be used/moved during this month. The staking is done through your EOS wallet using the EOS’ Proof-of-Stake (PoS) algorithm. While this is virtually risk-free, such a low return is likely to be of interest to any serious cryptocurrency user.

I hope this article has opened your eyes to a new method of earning EOS; the very profitable “EOS Dividends” method, and I am sure your EOS holdings will continue to increase!

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