Congressional Committee passes crypto bill!

By TwoDogsCaged | TwoDogsCaged | 28 Jul 2023

Well, some unexpected news that I found today was this nugget here:,jurisdiction%2C%20as%20many%20crypto%20advocates

Apparently, the House Financial Services Committee approved a bill today.. The bill includes language regarding both the SEC And the CFTC having jurisdiction on cryptocurrencies that are labeled securities or commodities.   It provides funding for the CFTC as well.

The bill needed some Democrats to vote yes, against Democratic leadership wishes.  On a side note, why are Democrats against cryptocurrency legislation?  Do they want more people harmed by keeping it a wild west scheme? Regardless, the bill has been labeled a win for cryptocurrency. 

I believe good news is good for cryptocurrency, but am realistic that Democrats are not really on board with this as a party at large. For it to pass the house snd senate, it will take bipartisan support. 

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Cryptocurrency is a fascinating idea, one that has many confused, scared and dismissive of the concept. However, it also is intriguing and likely a large part of the future.

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