LINEA's Upcoming Airdrop (Thread)

Ready for a chance to snag another substantial airdrop?

Dive into the buzz surrounding the upcoming @LineaBuild airdrop!!

Don't miss out on this potential opportunity! 💰✨

Check out this 🧵 for all you need to know and do!




Launched by Consensys (the minds behind MetaMask and Infura)

Valued at $7B

Raised $725M in funding from J.P. Morgan, Microsoft, and others

One of the fastest-growing zkEVM L2 ecosystem (over 1.65M users and 17M transactions)


How to? ➡️ Potential 🪂🪂


Step 1 - Bridging

a. Official Bridge

Head to

- Connect wallet

- Enter the amount you want to bridge (ETH)

- Select 'Automatic Claiming'

- Click 'Start Bridging'


b. Try out other bridges

• @rhinofi

• @Orbiter_Finance

• @layerswap

• @OmniBTC

• @Owlto_Finance

• @StargateFinance

Bonus- Some of these bridges might have upcoming airdrops too



Step 2 - Token Swaps

Use the top DEXs on the Chain










Visit the official link and perform a token swap

The more you swap (no. & vol) the better



Step 3 - Mint/Buy/Sell NFT







To Mint

- Go to the official site

- Create your own collection


To Buy/Sell

- Explore NFTs and make a purchase

- Consider listing the acquired NFT for sale



Step 4 - Lend/Borrow

Lending protocols on the chain








Linea is running a campaign in collaboration with @IntractCampaign

Get in on the action, interact with the network, and build up some XP

Wave 1: still active

Wave 2: ended

Wave 3: ended

Wave 4: Lending and Borrowing active


Interested in knowing more?

Check out the details of the entire DeFi Voyage



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